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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-10-14 03:48:16

Yes it is I am happy about it and the girls are the best role models for not just him but in general. More often and longer? not sure how much more or longer but i guess we can take it as it comes right? He now smokes about 14-15 a day so a little way to go for a pack a day like both the girls.

Wow u have a niece that is a chain smoker how much does she smoke? Its good her parents encourage it and she in turn encourages the girls. I would be proud of your girls to and that is great about the little one.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-14 05:52:20

15 cigarettes are definitely not bad. What I meant is that the girls should go to the playground with him more often, so that he smokes more with other children and thus gets more cigarettes a day because he certainly smokes more on the playground than usual. And once he has reached 1 pack per day, the 2nd pack is only a matter of time and how addicted he becomes to cigarettes. The more addicted he becomes to cigarettes, the better it is for him and the faster he becomes a heavy smoker.

Yes, mine Niece is a chain smoker. But that's no wonder because she's still at home this school year and since her parents both work, she has nothing else to do than smoke one after the other. Her parents are also very heavy smokers who smoke about 3 packs a day and so it rubbed off on their daughter. I have no idea how much she smokes per day, but according to my sister she gets 2 boxes a week. So it will be somewhere between 45 and 50 cigarettes a day. Or more. Yesterday my little one smoked over 1 1/2 pack and was very proud to show me how much she smoked. Now that she has a lighter that she can use, it is of course even easier for her to smoke like her big sister and cousin. As far as I'm concerned, the girls should smoke as much as they want. I won't put anything in their way or prevent them from smoking a lot. If the two of them also want to chain smoke, as their cousin does, then they should do it. It should be fine with me. This morning when I wanted to wake both girls up, they were already sitting on their beds and smoking the 2nd cigarette of the day and as soon as they had put out the cigarette they took the 3rd and continued smoking. When I asked them if they liked it, they both said they needed it and from now on they would smoke a few cigarettes in a row every morning. They learned that from their cousin, as they said. It definitely doesn't bother me. Since the two girls smoke Marlboro 100, they smoke around 20% more in terms of the amount of tobacco, converted into normal cigarettes. And as they both say, it is good for them and they love to smoke. So it was definitely good to get her together with her cousin, who instructs both girls that they have to smoke a lot when they already smoke.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-10-14 19:23:28

I agree and am happy with it. HAHA yeah i know what u meant just wasnt sure what "longer" meant as in time but I told them go more often. That is crazy good about your niece at that age i guess, and somewhere between 45-50, humm so 2-2.5 ppd that is heavy. Wow the little one is smoking 1 1/2 ppd ok then. I feel the way you do in that the girls should smoke as much as they want and have no limits on what they can smoke. Mine smoke same as me Marlboro Reds and occassionaly my younger will smoke Newports, i have no idea why haha. but hey if that is what she wants $%!@ it.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-10-15 03:49:12

The matter can be explained quite simply. If you give the child one pack after the other, the amount visible to the child will be divided up differently than if you e.g. give the child 2 packs every day and tell them that this is for one day and that they will get 2 packs the next day. So the child will of course divide the visible amount differently than before and the 2 packs smoke until they are empty to get 2 full packs again the next day. Children of that age only see the amount that is visible to them, but not the number of individual cigarettes, e.g. . Mslaurie would you give the 3-year-old 1 pack every day and tell him that this is for 1 day and he will get another pack the next day so that is a kind of incentive for him to smoke one pack in order to get a full pack the next day and so it goes on also with 2 pack per day.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-15 05:24:12

You could be right. In itself, you are aiming for the reward principle. You smoke 2 packs a day and as a reward you get 2 packs again the next day. I also noticed with my big one that she always only pointed to the total amount visible when she shows me how much she smokes. Over time, she has become more of an addict who simply needs her certain amount of cigarettes a day. My little one is getting 1 pack after the other so far. But I will try in the next few days whether it will at least get close to the 2 packs per day if I give her 2 packs in the morning and tell her that this is the amount for one day, and tomorrow she will return 2 full pack. Let's see what comes out of it and how it develops with the little one.