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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-09-06 16:23:02

It is pretty much the same that we are doing for the 3yo, someone smokes he lights up and I also noticed the other day at the playground as with your daughter he was smoking like it was a regular thing. I do like that in Serbia they dont have an age limit that is kind of cool and i think if we could do that it might be an incentive for all of us. I still find it even with this 3yo that someone so young enjoys smoking so much its kind of a thrill to see them enjoying it and showing off around other kids with it. After hearing bout yours we have pretty much agree all of them including the young one can smoke as much as they want, older ones do anyway, its just a matter of time that younger one will smoke more to. The fact that either of yours are not in school yet is even easier, with the olders here they have to smoke around school so smoke what they can before then smoke what they can after. All in all i am glad both the older girls helped get the younger started so that they could all enjoy smoking together and as much as they want and do we regret it? not one bit.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-09-12 05:39:40

It is nice to read that the 3 year old thinks it is good to smoke in public and that it is slowly becoming part of his daily routine. It's good that the older girls support and encourage him. So sooner or later he will become a habitual smoker. My big daughter is e.g. already so dependent on cigarettes that she hardly wakes up and needs the first 2 to 3 cigarettes and smokes them too. The little one is slowly following the example of my 4 year old and for a few days has been smoking the first cigarette of the day right after she got up. Now we are starting to slowly get her used to smoking 2 cigarettes an hour so that she will soon be smoking about 30 per day and later, like us, smoking 40 cigarettes or more. The fact that she is only 2 years old makes it easier for us, as she has never been exposed to negative influences against smoking. So she becomes addicted very quickly and as you wrote it "Children learn very quickly" she will also learn very quickly that smoking is absolutely okay for her and that she will enjoy it all the more. This is how you should do it with the 3 year old. The sooner he learns that 2-3 cigarettes per hour are completely normal, the more likely he is on the same level as you and your two girls. Make it so that he learns it playfully and thus becomes more and more dependent on cigarettes from day to day. If he says "I need a few cigarettes" one morning and he smokes a lot during the day, then he has become a real smoker and you did your thing right.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-09-23 05:45:02

You are absolutely correct in your opinion. For my daughter it is completely normal and it is part of her daily routine to smoke a few cigarettes in the morning after waking up and then put on make-up with me in the bathroom. Her 6cm high pumps are also part of her everyday life and she loves to appear taller than others of her age. For us as parents, too, it is completely normal to give the children a new box with 10 packs of cigarettes every 5 days, as they smoke around 2 packs a day. Sometimes, when we are up longer, there are more. Such as. Last weekend when we had a longer visit and the children smoked 2 1/2 packs, as they continued to smoke 3 cigarettes an hour and the children of our visit were already heavy or almost chain smokers. That was of course an incentive for our two children to imitate the others. Nice to read that your bigger one has already started with nose exhales. This is a good sign that she has now also become a pleasure smoker who also enjoys the smell when she exhales the smoke. My little one also loves to smoke like that and enjoys it when the smoke slowly flows through her nose and she absorbs the smell as well. I hope that your little one will be ready soon and will also become a heavy pleasure smoker. Even if she is only 2 1/2 years old, it is right and good for her if she smokes properly and a lot. I hope that mslauries 3-year-old will soon develop in this direction, because for him, as it was for our children, it can only have a positive effect if he becomes a heavy smoker as quickly as possible. Hopefully the bigger girls will influence him in that direction.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-10-12 03:56:06

Tamara I know right! Its all because of course of the girls since they do it he thinks its ok to its just a way of support and encouragement. He has been smoking 2 more a day now so he is progressing nicely the girls told me yesterday he smoked 4 at the park even with other kids there. It is nice to see that he is enjoying it more and more and the more the girls influence him the more quicker he will be smoking to our liking so yes it seems we are doing something right so far. How are yours doing?

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-13 05:51:09

It's nice that he smokes a little more. You are absolutely right, with the right encouragement and the right role model of the girls and other children, he will surely soon smoke far more than he does now. As long as he likes it, it's only good for him. You should go to the playground with him more often and longer, so that he is more often with the other children and can smoke more. How much does he smoke per day? Is he already at one pack a day?

We also went down the path of role model and encouragement in the form of my 6 year old niece, who has been smoking for almost 4 years and became a chain smoker with the encouragement of her parents. She managed to encourage both my young daughter and the big one to smoke more. The little one now smokes between 2 and 3 cigarettes per hour, with the meantime she tends to 3 more and the big one between 3 and 4 cigarettes per hour. I think that was just the right role model for my two girls to smoke together with a chain smoker in their age group. I'm really proud of my two girls. Especially on the little one who has now also become a real smoker. By the way, we also found a lighter that she can already operate and so she no longer needs to ask her sister or me for fire. With this she can now smoke whenever and as much as she wants and she enjoys that to the fullest.