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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-09-02 21:52:53


When i first read your post I thought no way a 2 year old smokes that much, I still kind of find it hard to believe but then at 3 my little one seemed interested so we let him try it because lets face it we were smoking around him and had to be use to it by now. We started at 16 months with blowing smoke in his face and smokey kisses which he did seem to enjoy. Well I still dk about a 2 year old but our 3 year old seems to enjoy it and has learned quickly even has his own packs now and smokes almost the entire pack in a day. I suppose he will start to smoke more as time goes on and that is ok with me seeing him enjoy it is more then ok with me.

I do think that my older will not only will someday start her kids at a young age like 3-4 but will smoke during pregnancy and around her kids while taking care of them like she/we did with the now 3 year old and still sometimes give him smoky kisses and have him inhale trying to encourage her to increase the amount she smokes. I would like to see him progress to 15 cigarettes by age 4.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-09-04 05:29:36

With us it is primarily my 4 year old daughter who encourages the little one to smoke more. When the two play together or e.g. Sitting on the couch, of course, people smoke too, and then my larger one encourages the little one to smoke the way she does. Since the little one cannot use a lighter herself, it is even easier and my big one of course always gives her a fire and a cigarette when she smokes one herself and so a lot comes together during the day. In any case, both girls enjoy smoking. The 4 year old smokes 2 packs a day and the 2 year old smokes about 1 pack. I hope your big one starts to get her children used to smoking as early as possible. The sooner the better. If she builds up a bit of pressure during smoky kisses, so that the child has no other chance but to inhale the smoke, they will get used to it even faster and become addicted to cigarettes even faster. As I said, I didn't smoke in either of the pregnancies, but I started again immediately after giving birth. Both children had smoke around them from birth and absorbed the nicotine through their breast milk. Seen in this way, both were used to nicotine from birth. So it's no wonder that both of them became more or less heavy smokers and love to smoke. Because both girls are now smoking Marlboro 100, they are already smoking around 25% more than if they were to smoke cigarettes of normal length. So I can be more than happy to have brought both of them this far. I still advise against smoking during pregnancy, as this also poses a risk for your big one, e.g. would be too high for a thrombosis. But if she starts smoking again immediately after birth and the child is constantly in a smoking environment, it will become addicted to nicotine almost by itself and through breast milk and it will not be long before it wants to smoke itself. If she then recognizes the first signs, regardless of age, and immediately starts to actively let her smoke and if she practices inhaling the smoke deeply, she will have turned her child into a smoker within a few weeks.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-09-04 07:31:06

It's a pity that the make-up didn't quite work out, but at least it works with the smoking. It's a shame that the oven is slowly out for me and that I'm slowly entering the menopause. I would like to have a second daughter in order to get her used to smoking at the age of 1 1/2 using your method. But I think that when our children grow up and have children of their own, they will also let their children smoke as early as possible. We will definitely support our two children as we can. For your little one it is even more of a game that she "plays" with her older sister and so smoking becomes more and more a playful habit. I don't think so much whether she really already understands what is actually doing. Your big one will understand it sooner, because it is much more of a habit for her to smoke regularly and a lot. For our two children it is already everyday to smoke 2 packs a day and they are both already very addicted to nicotine. It is completely normal for both of them to always have their cigarettes with them and, where possible, to smoke. Our daughter already lets her baby doll "smoke" and I assume she will do it with her child later. For me it is definitely a good sign that she fully accepts being a child who smokes and that she finds it good to smoke as a child.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-09-04 16:21:26

Tamara, That sounds encouraging of her and that she really does enjoy it and wants to have her sis enjoy it as much. I am not going to be judgemental as i dont like people to judge me but I do find it hard to believe a 4yo smokes 2ppd, like I said not judging so i will stay neutral on that. In any case I think if they both enjoy it and you continue to encourage it well good. As far as the bigger here she is getting her little one, as stated, get started with the help of his sisters who are encouraging with moms encouragement. I dont know if i mentioned also like your kids the youngest (3yo) has been around it since birth as his mom would change his diaper, feed him etc while smoking the girls here smoke Marlboro and share those with the little one they also still do the smoky kisses and have the child inhale. I also read about someone who went to Germany where kids can smoke as much as they want this is interesting concept and something i am now given thought to, maybe when possible send the mom with her younger and let him just smoke all he wants maybe even having him keep that. IDK if he will be 2ppd at 4 but he will most likely increase soon with as much as he is made to inhale deeply from his sisters.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-09-06 06:46:20

With us it's pretty simple. I encouraged my big one to smoke a lot and now she does it with her sister. As soon as I let my four-year-old daughter smoke the first whole cigarettes, I gave her one cigarette after the other and thus got her used to smoking a lot. So from the beginning she was used to smoking around 3 cigarettes an hour and pretty quickly became a heavy smoker just like me. That children in Germany can smoke however they want is unfortunately a fairy tale. In Germany, smoking under the age of 18 is also prohibited in public. How the parents keep it at home, however, is their problem. It was not for nothing that we went back to Serbia, the home of my birth. Germany is by far one of the most troubled countries in the world. Apart from the USA. I have never seen such a large accumulation of informers, hypochondriacs, hypocrites and other dysfunctional people as in the 4 years we lived in Frankfurt. It can happen to you that you have the public order office or the youth welfare office on your neck very quickly if it is okay with the "dear" neighbor and he reports you, regardless of whether with or without a reason. In Germany, some see you as a junkie just because you smoke shisha, because the tobacco smells a bit sweeter and unfamiliar and you are seen as abnormal just because you grill lamb instead of roast pork. Here in Serbia there is no age limit for smoking, so that wherever I smoke, my daughters can smoke in public without any problems and do so. You can tell, especially with my big one, that she enjoys it because she also has other children, e.g. in the playground, encouraging them to smoke and showing them how to smoke properly. My little one also enjoys becoming a heavy smoker in a playful way every day. When the two girls play with each other, smoking is a part of it and my big one, who has been smoking for a good 1 1/2 years now, encourages the little one to smoke just as she does. So the whole thing develops almost by itself in the right direction. I wouldn't be surprised if the little one also needs 2 packs a day in a year or a year and a half, because then she'll be just as addicted to cigarettes as my older daughter and me. What helps both girls well is the right incentive. Both love e.g. painted nails. So you can combine one with the other well. The fact that they are both allowed to smoke in public and therefore smoke more is an incentive for them to do so too. In addition, the two of them always have enough cigarettes and always get a fresh box as soon as they only have 2 packs left. If the little one is then able to use a lighter, she gets one and can smoke more easily as she likes. We also smoke together, e.g. when we going to an inn or visiting relatives. In this way the girls learn that it is completely normal for children to smoke without having to hide. As far as I'm concerned, the two of them can smoke as much as they want. In no case will I prevent my daughters from smoking as much as they want. I don't regret for a minute that I raised my two daughters to be smokers too, because all in all we are really a happy smoking family.