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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by frodo2021 on 2022-06-03 01:18:35

the 12 yo started going on dates with her mother and some bf's when she was 9. she now dates her moms bf's on her own without her mom there. my dau has brought the 5 yo on a few dates with my daus bf's. my 12 yo granddau started drinking as a baby, just a little she drinks on her own now daily. her fav is scotch. the 5 yo has maybe one small glass a day. she usually sips it

Posted by passionguy on 2022-08-04 04:03:37

How many cigs you smoke a day? What sexy clothes did your sis gives to you?

Posted by mslaurie on 2022-08-08 04:38:57

Yes it is and we are proud of it and happy she enjoys it and the others started early due to the older wishing she started early, also do to their mom. That would be kinda cool and I hope that works out for you and him to the point where he learns to enjoy it quick just like the 4 yo who smokes a pack a day now, enjoys it.

Posted by frodo2021 on 2022-08-08 08:19:43

we are hoping he is at 1 pack a day by tghe time he is 3. we are also giving him a taste of alcohol too. His older sisters (5 and 12) are already addicted to cigarettes, so that should help. The 5 yo gets a glass of alcohol in the morning and evening. The 12 yo drinks during the day. The 12 yo has some older bf's who provide her with other stimulants. We are so proud of all the grandkids. You, Samantha and Jen Z have been such and inspiration to us.

Posted by jrwol on 2022-08-10 09:19:48

We have a tradition in our family, when our three daughters on their sixth birthday each got a carton of Virginia slims lights 120's giftwrap with ribbons and a colorful big bow on it. Along with that they each got a personalized ashtray with their name on it and an imitation gold plated lighter to go with it. On the night of their birthday, we would teach them how to smoke a cigarette like a lady, and when we see that they learned how to properly hold and smoke their cigarette we would all have a glass of Champaign to celebrate their new endeavor. The next morning, we would give them their first cup of coffee with extra cream and sugar in it to go with their first cigarette of the day. Our oldest daughter Mary who is 11 years old now smokes a pack of Newport 100's a day. Our middle daughter Julie who is 9 years old smokes about a pack a day of Marlboro gold 100's a day, and our youngest daughter Cindy who is 7 years old smokes about half a pack of Virginia Slims lights 120's a day. It is very cute watching her walking around the house in pigtails with her favorite doll in one hand, and a freshly lit Virginia Slim 120 in her other hand! On Sunday's we go to the girl's grandmother's house for Sunday dinner. (Their grandmother is in her 70's and a heavy Pall Mall unfiltered smoker who gets a kick watching her very young granddaughters smoke cigarettes). If the girls get good grades that week, they are allowed to have one glass of white wine with their Sun dinner. Before we leave the house to go to their grandmother's house, I always remind the girls not to forget their cigarettes and lighter. I also check with Cindy to make sure she has plenty of cigarettes on her. If she only has a couple left in her pack, I make sure she has an extra pack in her small purse.