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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by _Arya_ on 2022-05-29 13:13:17

Ok well the first time i went to a highschool party it was when i just bought some new clothes and i wanted to show them off so i was standing outside the mall waering them and smoking cigs. Some boys past me and said i looked really cute in my shorts and top and smoking my cig and said there going to a house party and do i wanna come. So i went with them and had a great time at the party, thats when i tried beer for the 1st time too. We did a contest where me and a bunch of boys all chain smoke cigs to see who can smoke the most without giving up or barfing. Most boys couldnt do more than 3 but 1 boy could do 6, but i did 10 without stopping and i could of done more. All the boys were so impressed that they all got beat by a 9 yr old girl and they were chanting my name and i was so proud!

Posted by mslaurie on 2022-05-29 16:14:48

WOW I am impressed chain smoked 10 cigarettes at 9 that is rough but interesing in a way. I am going to assume you have parents who smoke do they know you do? If, so that is awesome. Anyway, that is impressive so now i will tell you a little about my smokers, My grand daughter who is now 13, has been smoking since she was 8 and unlike you didnt try to show up the boys lol but now smokes almost 2ppd and she also drinks. Her bf, now 12 who also smokes and started at 9, with her encouragement smokes as well almost 2ppd and drinks. The younger grand daughter who is 7 smokes a ppd and she is a show off of sorts as she loves to dress sexy and smoke around older boys and does so with our encouragement!

Posted by _Arya_ on 2022-05-29 17:52:02

Its just me and my dad and my big sis in my family. My dad smokes alot but he actually doesnt know i smoke. But hes out of the house alot working and he goes on alot of business trips and stuff so alot of the time its just me and my sis. And she smokes a ton and she knows i smoke and she encorages it. She helps me buy nice clothes too and shes really good at modifying them. I love to dress sexy too! All the teen boys say they love seeing me wearing the clothes my sis gives me and smoking cigs and i love showing off for them and they think its really hot that i can smoke more than any of them! Does your 7 yr old go to parties and stuff too and does she have a bf too?

Posted by mslaurie on 2022-05-29 18:19:32

Ok well thats lucky for you to have a good influence in your sister to encourage you, good for her, we have taught my grand daughter to be encouraging in the same way. That is $%!@ing nice dressing sexy is the only way to dress, do u wear daisy dukes and bikini tops? my grand lives in them and typical outfit for her is tight short daisy dukes (sometimes modified) unzipped/unbuttoned, cornors folded below her waist with her bikini showing. and a bikini top low, small, snug as possible. Looks even more sexy with a cigarette in her (very foul) mouth. Does the 7yo have a bf not really but she has a boy she likes and sucks his $%!@ but yes she goes to parties with the older grand and her bf.

Also thought maybe ud like this site (and this story) check it out maybe submit your own.
https://www.confessionpost.com/69354/young-smoker some interesting stories in here.

Want to keep in touch feel free to email me if you like or there are forums you can join with smoking groups. I am in this one www.similarworlds.com

Posted by frodo2021 on 2022-06-03 01:11:17

terrific that your granddaughter started smoking at 7 with your help and your adopted grandkids started even younger. we have begun blowng smoke in our 1 yo grandsons mouth and holding a cigarette in his mouth for a moment. it is so cute as he tries to suck on it. we hope he is smoking a few cigaretttes by the time he is 2 with our help. how many cigarettes dcoes the 4 yo smoke each day now?