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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-22 00:26:51

Sounds like you two had a lot of fun. What kind of things did the frat boys do with Hannah, or were you two in separate room and not able to see each other?

The rough sex has been amazing. I've been really trying to push her and I can tell she usually at the edge of what she can take. I'm going to keep going hard to keep loosening her up and get her used to it.

Yesterday we both stayed home had another day full of sex and fun. I woke her up in the morning by $%!@ing her $%!@. I think that was a real shock and woke her up fast. She was definitely plenty horny and was all over me all day. I tried to get her to go to sleep earlier last night, but it took a decent amount of rough sex to get her satisfied. This morning she was super tired but I made her get up and get in the shower, and of course she gave me a blowjob in there. This afternoon when she got home she got to sucking my $%!@ right away without asking for it.

I don't think even I liked touching my $%!@ as a teen as much as she loves touching it now. Her blowjobs are getting great, but with the rough sex its making me really want to go deeper and harder with the blowjobs. If she could deep throat me I'd be in heaven. I don't really know how to get her to do it, especially a girl her size. Should I just push it until she lets it down her throat? Did Hannah handle deep throating well right away?

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-22 16:06:41

Hannah absolutely loved it. They did practically everything you could think of to her, there were lots of times when she had one $%!@ in her $%!@, one in her mouth, and one in each of her hands. One of the amazing things about her is that she's always in charge, it was great seeing a girl her age ordering around a room full of 18-21 year olds, and them running to do what she says. She spent a lot of time being on top, riding the guys' $%!@. She has this amazing technique I've been trying to replicate, but I can't get it right, I think it only works for a small girl. Has your girl ever tried being on top?

Really hard $%!@ings are always the best, when I started having sex it took about a week before I could handle them but after that I could never settle for anything less. It's definitely the right move to keep going as hard as you comfortably can to get her accustomed to it. If you go to gently for her does she tell you to do it harder now?

With her new addiction she must be crazy when she gets home from school after not touching a $%!@ for so many hours, how does she behave then?

Hannah learned to deep throat pretty quickly, but for some girls it's pretty difficult. I learned by practicing by sticking a dildo down my throat, you could show her some porn involving deep throating and help her practice like that.

Have you gone out in public again yet? Giving a blowjob while hiding under a table is so fun, I'm sure she'd love that.

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-23 00:29:12

Wow sounds like Hannah had a lot going on. She must have been worn out and full of $%!@ by the end. My girl hasn't tried riding me on top yet. Every time she knows I'm ready she lays on her back and waits for me.

Yeah I definitely want to keep going hard with her to get her used to it. I haven't been doing it gently recently so she doesn't have to ask for it to be harder.

After she gets home from school she greets me and comes up to me and starts sucking my $%!@. Today after she gave me a blowjob she played with herself for a few minutes then asked for me to join her. She was probably expecting a fingering but I $%!@ed her.

Yeah I guess she just needs more practice trying to deep throat. I'll have her watch some porn with it and hopefully seeing it more will get her more comfortable with letting me in deeper. I want to try as many things as I can with her since she seems so in love with this stuff.

We haven't been out together in public again yet, though I know she probably would love to go out again. And I still don't know of anywhere she can give me a blowjob under the table yet. I need to do more research to find a place.

Posted by mslaurie on 2021-09-26 23:09:44

Hi everyone its been a while. I am going to try and catch up here.

@Tamara, How are things going with you and the girls and the neighbor girl and her daughter? As far as mine not much has changed the grandson and his little girlfriend have been hanging out and smoking more and trying to get others to start so hot! As far as the older she has been ocassionally chain smoking most especially in the morning on the way to school and on weekends.

Samanthaaa That is $%!@ing awesome about Hannah she is really starting to be a little $%!@ and that is so hot. Has she been $%!@ing more boys at her school what is the latest? My older spends her weekends $%!@ing/sucking and she has even started doing an occasional lines of cocaine that one of her $%!@ buddies do. I am guessing Hannah is not there yet or is she? Right now my older is $%!@ing her bf and chain smoking through it and already lighting another off the last one

Posted by frodo2021 on 2022-04-29 16:41:23

Just discovered this poll the other day. So glad too. It is so nice to see so many other parents who get their young kids smoking at preschool ages. my wife and i have been smokers 3 ppd for over 60 years. Our parents did not approve of our smoking but a great male neighbor was good enough to get us started and help us get up to 3 ppd. we started our 35 yo son when he was 7 and 30 yo dau when she was 6. both now smoke about 3 ppd too. we helped our dau start our 12 yo grtanddau when she was 5, our 8 yo grandson when he was 3 and our 5 yo granddau when she was 2. they all are at about 2 ppd, the 12 yo more like 2 1/2 ppd. we all are encouraging the younger ones to smoke more, chain smoking as often as possible. we homeschool so the grandkids smoking all day is not a problem. we are blowing smoke into the mouth of my sons 1 yo dau all day to get her use to the nicotine and smoke in her lungs we are putting cigarettes in her mouth to try and teach her to draw in. with luck we will have her smoking on her own and up to 2 ppd by the time she ios 3. our 12 yo granddau goes with our dau on dates with older men who like to see them smoke. the 5 yo granddau will probably be joining them on dates hopefully when she is 6 or 7 You all have been such an inspration, thanks