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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-19 23:44:13

It can be really surprising how much some small girls can take. When Hannah has a big one inside her you can clearly see the bulge it produces in her abdomen and it's easy to see it going in and out, is it like that for your girl? Once she gets more used to it she'll definitely be wanting it rougher and harder, and it won't be long at all before you can comfortably put all your $%!@ in her.

Yeah Hannah was completely out of her mind on the couple days after she lost her virginity, she could never get enough no matter what. She was yelling at and berating the boys to $%!@ her harder. She had been waiting for months for her first time, so she was very pent up. It sounds like your girl isn't as crazy as Hannah was (which is a good thing), and I guess that's why.

It seems like it did cause some sort of awakening in her though, it her more horny and also very enamored with your $%!@. How does it feel to have her playing with it like a doll? One $%!@ing every hour sounds pretty good to me, as long as they last a decent amount of time and you fill some of the time in between with other stuff, like fingering. It would be a good idea to keep her home tomorrow, even if you sent her to school she wouldn't be able to concentrate in this state. What was the sex like today, do you feel her loosening up a bit or being better able to take it rougher? Did she always initiate it?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-20 00:25:24

My daughter is on the slim side to begin with so yeah you can easily see the bulge when I'm in her. It's a real turn on see such a big bulge going in and out in her. It sounds like Hannah likes it really rough and hard. I hope my girl gets to liking it as rough as Hannah, because I know I really like the rougher side of things.

Losing her virginity did seem to take her horniness to the next level. It feels amazing having her so in love with my $%!@, I could let her play with it all day. I did tell her we're both staying home tomorrow and she is very happy about that of course. I wonder if she is going to start doing worse in school now. How does Hannah do in school? I didn't go as rough with the sex so far today to let us recover a bit. She is looser than when we started last night though. Although tonight I'll probably go back to being rough. She pretty much always initiated it. She was always just waiting for me to be ready again.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-20 02:24:53

Hannah always liked it very rough, but she had a lot more time to build up to that. From what I've heard of your daughter's tastes I'm sure she'll grow to be the same.

So your girl did go $%!@-crazy, just like Hannah did, only to a lesser extent. Hannah's still like that now, if you hand her a paper and pencil she'll start doodling $%!@. Your daughter's craziness is all focused on just your $%!@ too, you're a lucky guy. What kind of things does she do to it?

Hannah does fine in school, she's always been very intelligent, though she focuses all of that on getting sex these days. She has her boys do her homework, and when she gets enough satisfaction and nicotine she can concentrate in class and she does good on tests.

It's a good idea to let her recover, but if she wants it harder then that's fine too. It would be cute if you fell asleep with your $%!@ in her tonight, I often find Hannah like that when I wake her up in the mornings. That's happened to me as well, and what guys don't realize is that they all get erections in their sleep for a few minutes at a time, and when it hardens inside you you can feel it. It's funny to imagine her waiting impatiently (and presumably touching herself) for you to be ready again. Is she annoying about it, "are you ready yet? are you ready yet?" Does she still like giving blowjobs or does she just want you inside her now?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-20 13:34:52

Yeah her love for $%!@ has exploded. She just likes to feel it up with her hands and lick and gently suck it(if I'm not ready for a full blowjob) while we're relaxing.

Having Hannah's boys do her homework sounds like a great deal for her. My girl was already struggling to concentrate in class since she can't smoke or pleasure herself as much as she wants. I can't imagine it getting any better.

Last night was another long night for us. After getting her plenty wet and horny with some fingering and a blowjob I took her into the bedroom to start our real fun. She laid on the bed on her back and I got over again in missionary position. I knew I wanted to go a bit harder than before so I stuck my $%!@ in all the way right away. She let out a big moan from that first push and I started thrusting hard and fast. I was bottoming out almost every thrust but I wanted to see if I could push it any further so I grabbed her thighs and pulled her to me every thrust. She was moaning loudly and almost screaming the whole time. After a few minutes my entire $%!@ was inside her and the sight of that made me $%!@. Her orgasm started well before mine and ended after mine. When I finished I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes and was calming down. I asked her if it felt good and she nodded yes. After that I gave her a good fingering as she used her vibrator as a reward. Each time I $%!@ed her after I still needed to push pretty hard for her to take my whole $%!@. We didn't stop until after midnight and I did try and fall asleep with my $%!@ inside her. I think at some point the in night I rolled over though and it fell out.

I don't like to say she was annoying about waiting for me but yeah she was pretty impatient. She would be playing with herself while she had her head laying on my stomach and messing around me $%!@ and asking when I'll be ready. She still gives me more blowjobs than we $%!@ still. She's still getting plenty of practice.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-21 17:07:21

I spent most of yesterday at a college frat party, me and Hannah were the entertainment. It was a lot of fun, though I could see Hannah was the one the guys all wanted, they settled for me if she was too occupied.

Hannah feels the same way about $%!@ as your girl, even in the rare periods where she isn't horny she still fiddles and plays with any $%!@ that's nearby, half the time she doesn't realize she's doing it.

The rougher sex sounds great, it must have felt absolutely amazing for her. Soon you won't need to push hard at all to get all your $%!@ in her, and you won't need to hold back when you're doing it. It might be hard for her to go back to the gentler sex you were having before, I'm guessing she'll only want the hard stuff now.

What have you been up to since then? Did the rough $%!@ make her even hornier? Has she gotten even more devoted to your $%!@ now? How are her blowjobs coming along?