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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-19 01:58:50

It's great that Hannah is still increasing her smoking. Mine has been smoking almost 2 packs a day the last week. We both need to keep encouraging our daughters to smoke more.

I can't imagine how cute she looks. I know I'd be hard instantly seeing her like that. Flashing her $%!@ to people in public sounds really exciting for her. I wonder if my girl will ever want to show off that much. It's great she feels comfortable wearing something like that to school. I'll have to look at shorts like that. I'm guessing I should find some that shows a bit of her $%!@. I'm assuming you can see pretty much everything with her mesh top? Cutting off the bottom of my girls tank top sounds like a good idea too, but should I just leave the cut as-is? I don't know how to sew or anything to stop it from fraying.

My girl is definitely getting comfortable with putting it in her mouth. I know I should $%!@ on her or in her mouth more to get her use to eating it. It's hard not to $%!@ deeper in her mouth though, it feels too good.

I'm not sure if I want her to get back at me for the teasing or not, I love $%!@ too much. Yeah after she seemed comfortable with three fingers I figured my $%!@ wouldn't be too thick. Her $%!@ is pretty tight around my $%!@ but she loves it. Just looking at her size and my $%!@, from the outside I wouldn't think she could take it all. I'll try and find out tonight though. I can imagine waking up like that is surprising and amazing. I had her give me a blowjob in the shower after I cleaned her, and I came in her mouth so she stayed clean.

She seemed to really like what we did in the store. I'll try and go out with her more often so she can fall in love with it more. We were both very horny when we were in there. I'm going to try seeing how deep she can take it tonight here pretty soon.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-19 02:17:17

When Hannah's getting $%!@ed and I see she doesn't have anything in her mouth I often pass her a cigarette, more recently I haven't had to do that as much. Flashing guys in public is pretty much her favorite hobby, and it's fun to watch as well. Even when she's not flashing people the sight of her in her outfit gets a lot of guys hard, I can see bulges growing in their pants as they stare at her. The mesh top is pretty good and you can see everything if you look, though not too clearly. You might need to sew up the edges of the tank top if you cut it, it depends on the material.

It can be really surprising how much a girl can take. Hannah could have taken your size easily on her first go (though she was older than your girl), and there are adult women who bottom out after 5 inches. I hope your girl can take all or most of your's, be sure to get her as wet and horny and loose as you can before you go in. Whether she can take it all or not she'll definitely really enjoy feeling you try. It could be fun to count how many orgasms you give her.

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-19 13:09:29

I pretty much do the same with my girl when we're having our fun, when she finishes one cigarette I make sure she starts another. It's too bad they have to slow down smoking when they have a $%!@ in their mouth. It sounds like flashing is a good way for Hannah to pick up guys. I'll cut my daughter's tank top shorter and let her give it a couple wears to see if it'll need fixing.

Last night started with a blowjob. I walked up in front of her while she was playing with herself and when she seen my $%!@ she almost immediately put it in her mouth. I tried going just a little harder this time to see if she would take it any deeper in her mouth than she has been, she couldn't take it much deeper though. I need to figure out how to get her to take it deeper and eventually deep throat and take it all. After that I fingered her for a while. I made sure to use three fingers and loosen her up as good as I could. We did that for several orgasm from her and after a while then we went into my room and she got right into bed. I had her lay on her back and I sat just in front of her $%!@, missionary position. I told her to stay still and tell me if it hurts at. She was plenty wet and the tip of my $%!@ slip right in. She let out a little moan and started rubbing her $%!@ and I started pushing in a little more. I got my $%!@ in about half way again without worry then started going extra slow. I could tell it was getting a bit tighter as I got deeper. As I got maybe 5 or 6 inches in I could tell by looking at her face that it may be getting a little uncomfortable. I asked her if she was okay and she nodded yes and told me to keep going. I got to where only about an inch of my $%!@ was left showing and it didn't feel like it was going in any further. I asked her again if she was okay and she still nodded yes. She was rubbing her $%!@ the hole time so I guess she was still feeling pretty good from that. I began thrusting in and out and she started moaning more than she ever has, she got surprisingly loud. I started going a bit harder and just a couple minutes later we both came. It was probably the hardest I came in my life. When I looked down at my $%!@ it was even further in than before. Just about half an inch left from being all in. Just a few seconds later she start pushing herself up and down on it more. I guess she didn't have enough. Usually it's too much for me to go again right away but I did it for her. She had a few more orgasms before I as able to $%!@ again. Her little $%!@ was full of $%!@ when I pulled out. I had to take a break for a bit after that so I helped pleasure herself for a while. We went for extra long last night, way past her bedtime. But being able to $%!@ her a few more times was well worth it.

She had too many orgasms for me to count, that or we were just $%!@ing too much for me to be able to think. Getting to sleep on time tonight is going to be hard.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-19 15:17:58

Congratulations to your daughter on properly losing her virginity! No matter how good it felt for you I'm sure it felt even better for her. What a little pro, comfortably taking almost the entire thing on her first try and loving it! If she can do that already then very soon she'll have no trouble at all taking the whole thing, and since she likes it rough you won't have to hold back at all. It'll turn her into a complete size queen like Hannah too, she won't be satisfied with smaller ones. I'm actually pretty jealous of your daughter, I lost my virginity to a guy about as big as you and it was indescribably amazing, I can't imagine how good it must have felt for her given her size and the tight fit. I had so many orgasms that they kind of turned into one very long continuous one that lasted throughout the whole experience, she might have felt something similar. It's obvious why she didn't want to stop all night.

I love how she wanted more immediately after you finished, I knew she'd be like that. Hannah went totally $%!@-crazy after her first time, she spent the whole weekend getting pounded and screaming for more. It kicked her already considerable horniness into overdrive. I wouldn't be surprised if your girl is the same, if so get ready for a very busy couple of days! Maybe you could call in sick to work and your daughter's school on Monday so you can stay home together.

She must be pretty exhausted after last night, has she woken up yet? If so, is she as $%!@-hungry as I predicted? Last night was she telling you to put it in deeper or pound her harder? How many times do you think you came in her?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-19 23:21:44

I'm so glad she was able to lose her virginity too. I can't imagine how good it felt for her. It's crazy how much her little body can take. I'd really love going harder and rougher with her. Hopefully I can keep pushing her to take more and more.

Yeah she couldn't get enough last night. She doesn't really ask me to $%!@ her harder or deeper yet. I guess if she watched more porn with that kind of talk or was around more sex like Hannah, she would know to say stuff like that. Hannah sounds like an amazing $%!@ty little girl to be with if she was screaming for more her first weekend.

I may have to call us out tomorrow. I let her sleep in until almost 10am. She really needed to get up so I got into bed with her and fingered her to wake her up again. She woke up and came but she seemed really tired. I got her into the shower with me to wake her up and have her give me a blowjob. We had plenty of fun today. She seemed really into playing with my $%!@ and would start sucking it randomly and play with it in her hand and play with the piercing. I had to limit the amount I could $%!@ her, for the sake of my own stamina. I could only do it once every 45 minutes to an hour. She is definitely addicted and wants more than I can put out for now.