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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-07-03 08:30:28

I started getting used to smoking my older daughter at 2 1/2 years and now at 4 she is a 2 pack a day smoker who enjoys smoking. 4 Month ago we went from Germany back to Serbia where I was born. There is no age limit for smoking so my older daughter can smoke everywhere and how much she wants.

After we came back to Serbia I was also getting my little daughter, who was 20 months old at that time, to get used to smoking, since she already started to imitate us and showed me that she also wants to smoke. I kept giving her smoky kisses and I let her take a puff of my cigarette more and more. In the course of time she was taking my cigarette more and more when the cigarette was in the ashtray and smokes it herself. I have the feeling that she is already dependent in the meantime because she always asks for a puff and starts to inhale deeper.

Now she is 2 Years old and I just gave her her first whole cigarette and it is nice to see how she smokes drag by drag and inhales every drag in her lungs.

I can only say that the sooner you make your daughter a smoker, the better it is. At some point she thanks you by becoming a habitual smoker and smoking like my older daughter and I 2 packs a day. In any case, she will get whole cigarettes from now on, as often as possible.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-07-13 06:34:18

When I read your latest post, I was a little skeptical, but I totally agree with you. The sooner the better. It is also no wonder that she imitates you when she always sees you both enjoying smoking and inhaling the smoke again and again. My two children smoke regularly in about 2 packs a day and it's nice to see how they both enjoy it. If it weren't for the Corona problem and if we had a representative on our farm, we would travel this year to a country where there is no age limit for smoking, so that my children could smoke in public unhindered, just like your two. I am sure they both would like it very much. How much does your little one smoke over time? I guess it won't be long before she smokes 1 pack a day. Or more. If it follows your example, it will soon be at 2 cigarettes an hour. By the way, is your older daughter still interested in makeup? My daughter is slowly learning to put on make-up and she loves to look perfect every day. What she still has the biggest problem with at the moment is the kohl pencil, but that will also change over time. By the way, she no longer has a problem with mascara and she loves it when her eyelashes are beautifully black, thick and long at the top and bottom. Even with her longer fingernails, she has no problem and loves to wear classic french nails. You could also start slowly with your little one and get used to it slowly. I think it would be even more of an incentive for them to smoke. My daughter loves to show off her nicely made nails when she smokes and elegantly holds the cigarette in her hand. My son will soon be 6 years old, comes to school in September and is "incredibly" in love with the, also smoking, neighboring girl. The two already smoke 2 packs a day, especially when they are together. But they are far from thinking about more than smoking, playing and kissing the cheek or holding hands every now and then. In any case, I wish you the best of luck that your little one will soon become an experienced habitual smoker, just like your big one.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-07-26 06:20:58

It's great that your two children have finally become 2 packs a day smokers. My little one comes to me about 14-16 times a day and wants me to light a cigarette. I don't want to know how often she also asks her sister. I guess all in all she smokes about 1 pack a day and loves it. If it is more, I should also be fine. The main thing is that she loves it and she likes to smoke regularly. But she continues to love it when I give her a smoky kiss and make her inhale the smoke deeply. Then she inhales every puff of her cigarette even more deeply and enjoys it all the more. She often needs a reminder that she has to inhale the smoke deeply to be a real smoker. All in all, we are a happy smoking family and we love it when we, for example, Sitting on the couch and smoking, but also when we are out and can smoke freely on the street. My two girls especially love that because they can then show that they are both smokers. They also smoke in the playground and it is not uncommon for them to give other children a cigarette and incite them to smoke. Of course, they then show the other children how to smoke properly and that you have to smoke a lot to be a real smoker. The parents of the other children don't mind, and some are even happy that their children are now smokers, just like them. As for the make-up, my big one is already quite practiced, but she still has problems with kohl and eyeliner. But that's completely ok because it needs a little more fine motor feeling. Does your daughter get her french nails square, oval or tapering towards the front? I tried it on both girls last week and made both oval french nails. The big one has about 5mm long nail tips and the little one about 3 - 4 mm. Both like it very much. My big one has had longer nails for a long time, so far she has only had one color on it. Mostly red or pink. I applied mascara to my little one 2 days ago and it looks really good. Today on Sunday she gets powder foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick for the first time. If she likes it, she can wear make-up every day. It looks cute when both girls are made up and smoking. Now, by the way, I am sure that my little one is also asking her sister for fire, because she just came out of her older sister's room with a lit cigarette. I think it's great that my older child supports her little sister with smoking and encourages her to smoke more. Hopefully the little one will soon become a heavy smoker like we are. I am happy that at the age of 2 she already likes smoking so much and that she needs her first cigarette immediately after getting up.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-08-22 07:04:43

It's nice that your older daughter supports your little one and also helps her light the cigarettes. 1 pack a day is very good for your little daughter. She is sure to be just as good a smoker as your big one. As for your question .............. my daughter has about 4mm long, oval roundet French nails and loves them. Did it work out with the makeup for your little daughter? It must have looked good to see her smoking perfectly made up.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-08-22 13:40:56

It looked good, but she's not ready to have her makeup done every day. Now she has mascara on it every day and once a week I give her new French nails. It's good that she naturally has longer nails, so you can simply use the tip pen to color the nail tips white. The rest will come when she gets older. As for her smoking habits, I changed her from normal Marlboro to Marlboro 100 so that she could get more of it. Now she smokes 3-4 cigarettes less, but she will soon be back at 20 cigarettes a day. In any case, she likes the long cigarettes better than the short ones, even if it still looks funny at the moment when she holds a freshly lit Marlboro 100 in her small hand. My big one encourages her more and more to smoke like her. She has now started to exhale the smoke through her nose more and more often, as she sees it from me. Apparently she likes it because she does it more and more often. I'm excited to see when the little one will imitate it. But with that she can wait until she can light her own cigarettes, and smokes 40 cigarettes a day liek we do.