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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-18 01:37:04

One guy would never be enough for Hannah, even though she makes them hornier than other girls can, including me. I guess your girl has the same effect on you. When there isn't a $%!@ in Hannah's mouth there's usually a cigarette, even while she's getting $%!@ed.

I don't think it's too soon at all to put your tip inside her, she'll love it. Especially if you $%!@ (and even more so if you usually $%!@ a large amount), the sensation of having it sprayed inside you is great. That's something you could do tonight when you're in bed. If she can take three of your fingers she can definitely take your tip just fine.

Even just not minding the taste of $%!@ is pretty unusual, I love the taste now but even I found it unpleasant at first. She'll probably start actively liking the taste soon. It's a bit like with cigarettes, for most people the first one doesn't taste great but it gets addictive fast, especially because you start to associate it with the pleasant sensations. Hannah absolutely loves $%!@ now, I've seen her licking it off her body.

If you start waking her up by fingering her then I bet when she wakes up before you she'll start waking you up with a blowjob, it's a win-win!

You'll definitely need to change the bed sheets tomorrow morning, there will be all sorts of fluids in them, especially if you do the thigh-sex and $%!@ everywhere. I've seen Hannah asleep with a boy's $%!@ in her mouth lots of times, and she reflexively sucks it in her sleep. There's no need for clothes in the house, Hannah and I have never worn them. We mostly stick to guys, but me and Hannah have done some stuff together. On the few nights when Hannah doesn't have a boy sleeping over she sleeps with me, and she usually gets me to finger her.

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-18 13:14:38

Hopefully I'm enough for my daughter, at least for a while. I've been making sure my girl also smokes plenty, especially when we're having fun together. How much does Hannah smoke?

Yeah I was pretty surprised she never complained about the taste or spit it out. I hope she comes to really like it too, I have plenty to give her. I'll try and get her to taste it more to get her used to it more.

It sounds like Hannah is as addicted to $%!@ as she is smoking. Staying naked at home really is nice and most comfortable. Too bad we can't always stay home and stay naked all day, every day. Hopefully Hannah gets plenty of enjoyment when your the one pleasuring her.

Last nights fun started a little later than normal since I knew we would be taking it into the bedroom. I joined her while she fingered herself on the couch. I took over in the middle of her fingering and made her $%!@ a few times. I made sure to try and loosen her up a little to prepare for later. I stood up in front of where she was laying and recovering from the last orgasm. When she sat back up she looked at my hard $%!@ and got right to sucking. When I came I held her head to where my $%!@ was to the back of her mouth for most of the $%!@ but took it out of her mouth for the last few squirts. She got a little $%!@ on the outside of her mouth and chin. I told her to wipe it up with her fingers and eat it. She got most of it and ate it just fine without complaint. She missed a little bit on her chin that stayed there for a while.

Then I asked if she wanted to come into my room and have some more fun and sleep together after. I think she really like the sound of sleeping together. We layed down together and I started fingering her and got an idea to make her really horny. Whenever she got close to $%!@ I stopped fingering her and let her settle down. The first time I did she asked why I stopped and I told her I'll start again and her next orgasm will feel extra good. Then when she got close I stopped again. I did this a few more times and before I let her come I laid her on top of me for some thigh sex. She was really horny and knew exactly what to do, which was hold my $%!@ against her $%!@. After a couple minutes I asked her if she wanted something better than fingering. She nodded yes and I took my $%!@ and pushed the tip inside her $%!@. She let out a little moan when I did and I asked if it felt alright and she nodded yes again. I got back to thrusting, this time not as hard. I could tell right away she was loving it so I started thrusting in a little deeper, just a little past the head. Not very long after I could tell she was getting ready to $%!@ which got me the rest of the way there too. I had one last good push in her and came with her. When I took my $%!@ out I looked down and seen she took about half of it. I didn't plan on going that deep but she seemed to love it. We both needed a little break and smoke after that. After that we kept going for over an hour with more blowjobs, and fingering, and another thigh $%!@ that ended up like the one before.

When I woke up this morning the sheets were pretty dirty like you said. There was a decent amount of $%!@ and cigarette ash. I bet there's more $%!@ in her though. She'll definitely need a shower when she gets up.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-18 16:26:35

You'll be enough for your daughter for a while, even if she's drained your balls so much you can't even get hard you'll still be able to finger her. It might be pretty hard work to keep up with her though! Hannah smokes 2 or 3 packs a day now, especially on weekends she chain smokes all day.

Your girl has the makings of a $%!@ addict just like Hannah, the fact that she instinctively always swallowed your $%!@ from the very first time without being told to says a lot. It might be a good idea to, when she's sucking you, retract your $%!@ a bit so you $%!@ at the front of her mouth and she gets the full taste. The more she tastes it the faster she'll grow to like it.

Hannah's addiction to $%!@ and sexual stimulation is possibly even stronger than her addiction to nicotine, she has similar withdrawal symptoms from both. If she can't have either for just an hour or two she starts to go crazy. You and your daughter might not be able to stay naked all the time but you can have her wear as little as she can get away with, that's what Hannah does as well. When you take her clothes shopping you could look for the skimpiest things they have, and there's no need for her to wear underwear. Hannah's favorite outfit is a very high miniskirt with no underwear and a tiny modified tube top that basically just covers her nipples. I think your daughter will like clothes like that if she's used to being naked.

I love how she just saw that you were hard and immediately got to sucking! I also love how you can casually mention how you "made her $%!@ a few times", she's a very lucky girl to have someone like you around! I'm guessing it was a turn-on to see her eating the $%!@ off her hands, all of Hannah's boys look mesmerized when they see her shoveling it into her mouth or licking it off her body, it gets them hard again immediately.

That teasing thing you did when you were fingering her sounds really hot, when I was younger there were some guys who did that sort of thing with me and it always drove me crazy with horniness. When I was 9 and 10 I had one partner who would always tease me by rubbing the head of his $%!@ against my $%!@ without putting it in, he made me desperately beg him before he'd $%!@ me. That was mean of him but also very hot. The thigh-sex and the way you put your tip in her sounds amazing too, for both of you. Congratulations to your daughter on (sort-of) taking her first $%!@! I bet she was absolutely in heaven while that was happening. It's impressive that on her first try she could take half of a $%!@ as big as your's without any pain or discomfort, and enjoy it as much as she did. There's a lot of variation in how much girls can take, and there isn't as much of a correlation with the size of her body as you might think, there are very small girls who can take way more than most guys expect. Hannah could handle a whole 7 inch + $%!@ on her first time, and there are large experienced adult women who still can't do that. I wonder how deep you could go inside your girl, that's something you should (carefully) investigate some time. Did she have any reaction to you $%!@ inside her? Did you wake her up with a fingering or something like that, what did she think of that?

I really wish I had had a dad like you when I first started getting horny, it would have been amazing! Your daughter is extremely lucky to get all this teaching, pleasure, and experimentation.

What position did you fall asleep in, was your $%!@ between her thighs or something like that? Were you still feeling each other up as you were drifting off to sleep? Now you have the whole day to spend with each other, what have you been getting up to? Have you done the clothes shopping yet?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-19 00:33:18

Yeah I hope, she does really love getting fingered so there's that. I'm still not sure how I feel about letting other guys do stuff with her like Hannah does. 2 to 3 packs a day is great for Hannah! Has she been around that much for a while or is she still increasing?

I know, if my little girl likes $%!@ already and swallowed from the start she's going to be addicted to it soon enough. You have no idea how excited the thought of my girl being as addicted to $%!@ and sex as Hannah is makes me.

I really like the idea of her wearing as little as she can when she can't just be nude. I'll definitely have to have her stop wearing underwear. Hannah's favorite outfit sounds really hot. Does she wear that kind of outfit to school too? I'm guessing with her miniskirt you can pretty easily see her $%!@ and $%!@, right? Any other kind of skimpy clothes you could recommend? I'll try and start finding more skimpy clothes for my daughter, luckily I did see your message before we went out shopping today.

Yeah she's really getting the idea that if there's a hard $%!@ in front of her she needs to suck it. Seeing her eating the $%!@ off her hands and face was a huge turn on, it's kind of why I came on her face a bit. I'm guessing Hannah has a lot of $%!@ to eat and lick up.

Yeah the teasing really drove my girl crazy too. It was a great way to make her super horny. I was really proud of her for taking her first $%!@ too. We were both loving it so much so I figured it was a good time to try and she did great. She didn't show any signs of being in pain or anything. You are really making me wonder how much she could take. Hannah was 7 when she took that $%!@ so I imagine she's probably still bigger than my girl, she's still quite small. I'll have to see how deep she can take it. When I came inside her she did have her biggest orgasm yet, the teasing beforehand probably helped. This morning I did start softly fingering her while she slept. I started going a little harder and she started breathing harder then finally woke up and came just a few seconds after. She didn't know she could wake up and $%!@ so fast. I had to get her into the shower after that, there was still quiet a bit of $%!@ in and on her $%!@ to clean up.

After some more morning fun we headed out to go shopping. We went to the mall and found a store with good clothes for her. The shortest skirt I could find in her size came down to just above half way her thighs. I know it's not the shortest ever but it's the best I could find today. We did find a cute tank top that fit her quite loosely and you can pretty easily see her nipples from the top and sides. We then went to a changing room to have some fun. She got naked and I unzipped my pants. There were people in the changing rooms on both sides of us so I knew we had to extra quiet. She started sucking and it didn't take long before she got to being too noisy. I had to slow her down a few times. I came in her mouth after a couple minutes. Then I had her lay down on the bench in there and started fingering her. I really had to keep her quiet during this. She was really horny and was letting out little moans easily. I had to cover her mouth when she came because I knew she wouldn't be able to keep quiet. When then had her try on her clothes, got her back into her own clothes and quickly paid for them and left. When we left she wouldn't stop talking about how exciting it was and how nervous she was.

I know both me and my daughter are lucky to have each other. I'm glad I get teach her all this. I think I fell asleep rubbing her nipples. My $%!@ wasn't between her thighs or anything though

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-19 01:22:52

Hannah's been steadily increasing her cigarette consumption, this past week I think she's smoked pretty close to 3 per day.

Hannah always looks so cute when she's wearing something like that in public and smoking a cigarette, and the sight drives the boys crazy. The miniskirt and no panties is her favorite part, she has a few of them and the shortest just barely covers her $%!@. She loves to flash guys in public places, by sitting down and opening her legs or just lifting it and winking when she sees someone looking at her. She loves seeing the guy's reaction, and sometimes she ends up taking a trip to the public bathrooms with some boy. She does wear the same kind of clothes to school, though sometimes she's been sent home for dressing too skimpily and we have to pick something slightly less revealing. Really small tight mini-shorts are good too, and there are lots of types of tops that work. Hannah got a transparent mesh top last week and she really likes that. Loose tank tops like the one you bought are good too, you could even modify it by cutting out the bottom half so it shows her midriff.

Eventually she would have gotten to the stage where her first instinct when she sees your $%!@ is to put it in her mouth, your encouragement just sped it up a bit. When she gets even hornier she probably won't care if it's hard or soft. Some of Hannah's boys intentionally $%!@ on her body just to watch her lick it off. There's one high schooler who insists on doing it on her face, and he usually $%!@ a lot so her face gets completely covered in it. She likes it too obviously.

The teasing was a great way to start it off, it was probably unforgettable for her now. I wonder if she'll try to get back at you for the teasing by doing the same to you in a blowjob... If your girl can easily take your $%!@'s girth without any discomfort then I wouldn't be surprised if she can take your length as well, just take it slow when you're exploring down there in case you bottom out early. That's a great way to wake her up, if there was an alarm clock that could do that to me I'd buy it. I'm guessing you had a good time in the shower as well, but you gotta be careful she doesn't come out with more $%!@ on her than when she went in!

What you did in the clothes store sounds like so much fun! I think she'll want to do that sort of thing again soon. Was she hornier than usual while it was happening? Do you know when you'll be testing how deep she can take you?