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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-17 05:03:05

Yeah doing things in public always makes things even more exciting. If both you and Hannah loved it from the start then I hope my girl can too. I know I'll have to make sure she keeps quite. She's not that loud to begin with but her little moans and heavy breathing could definitely be heard if the place is quiet.

It's hard to imagine my girl being popular with the boys like Hannah is, but she seems to be going down a similar path as Hannah so who knows. Do you think the thigh sex helped you prepare for the real thing?

I think she really is coming around to enjoying blowjobs. I'll have to tell her she doesn't need to ask next blowjob. I may have to remind her a few times but I love the thought of it so much. I know she'd love if I started fingering her unprompted too, she deserves it.

Her after school blowjob is getting better for sure. She's getting hang of the in and out motion of it. She's given me quite a few over the last couple days so she improving fairly fast. I think since tomorrow is Friday I'm going to try having her sleep with me tomorrow night, and probably Saturday night as well. I'll have to see if we should keep doing that beyond then.

Tonight I really wanted to try the thigh sex thing with her. When I sat with her she was already playing with her vibrator and smoking so I told her I can help finger her. I did that for a couple orgasms to get her nice and wet and horny. I asked her if she wanted to try something new that would make us both feel good at the same time. She excitedly answered yes. I sat back on the couch and picked her up and laid her down, her back to my front. I had her hold my $%!@ up against her $%!@ and told her to keep holding it there. I squeezed her thighs together with my thighs and started thrusting up and down. She almost immediately started her little moans and I could tell she was really liking it. She started playing with my $%!@ piercing between her fingers which really turned me on even more. In return I began to rub her nipples softly. I could tell I was getting ready to $%!@ so I started thrusting harder and she came a few seconds after that and I came then too. She got $%!@ all over her belly and chest. After a few seconds of settling down I lit her another cigarette gave it to her and began fingering her nice and hard again. It only took a couple minutes for me to get hard again so I $%!@ed her thighs again. After we were done I asked her how she liked it. She told me it was fun bouncing up and down and it felt so good while my $%!@ rubbed against her $%!@. Thanks again for this idea Samantha, it was so good for the both of us. Having my $%!@ rub against her $%!@ made me want to put it in her so much more though. It was hard holding back.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-17 15:35:33

I think almost all girls love stealthy public sex and/or exhibitionism, though many don't know that they love it until they try it. When I was younger I convinced some of the other girls I know to try, and even the ones who were very reluctant discovered how great it is. Your girl will love it too.

Thigh sex definitely prepared me for the real thing, and it made me want it even more too. I first did the thigh sex when I was still 8, and I was already very horny, but after feeling a $%!@ sliding against and stimulating my $%!@ I was so desperate to have one inside me that I couldn't think about anything else, and it happened soon after, when I had just turned 9.

I knew that your girl would quickly start to love giving blowjobs when she got the hang of it! I wouldn't be surprised if soon she wants to give out more than you're capable of taking. Luckily for girls, particularly young ones, there isn't really a limit to how many orgasms you can have, especially when she's in the phase she's in now you could finger her all day and she'd never get tired of it. Nice to hear her blowjob technique is advancing so rapidly as well, make sure you give her lots of praise so she knows how talented she is! She should be proud of her skills, and motivated to get even better. I think after you sleep in the same bed once neither one of you will want to stop doing it, so I'd be ready for it to become a permanent thing. You might not get that much sleep for the first couple nights though.

Last night's thigh sex sounds really hot, it reminds me a lot of the first time I did it. For me it was with an older cousin of mine, we were both reluctant to do penetration at the time but what we did made it even harder to resist. That you both got so much pleasure from genital-genital contact (as opposed to hand or mouth - genital) is a big step. Your girl was probably feeling the same desire for you to put it in, even though she might not understand exactly what it is that she wants. With a girl her size and a guy with your endowment it might be possible for your $%!@ to support her weight, maybe she could sit with her back against your abdomen (while you're standing up) and her legs on either side of your $%!@, with it protruding out from between her thighs and holding her in place. I hope you don't start neglecting blowjobs in favor of the thigh sex though, she needs all the practice she can get!

Have you made plans for the public stuff already, will it be today or this weekend? Have you tried fingering her unprompted yet, what was her reaction? How did she react to having your $%!@ on her belly and chest? What was your morning shower like today, did she start just sucking you without any prompting?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-17 23:25:02

I feel like most people in general should enjoy public sex and exhibitionism stuff. I couldn't imagine someone not getting excited from it.

I didn't think my daughter would grow to enjoy blowjobs so fast. I can't imagine someone being able to give more blowjobs than I could want though, I love them too much. It's crazy, I never would have thought young girls like her could orgasm pretty much as much as they want. I thank my girl after every time she makes me $%!@. I also tell her how good it felt and that she's getting better. Yeah I know once we start sleeping together it's going to be impossible to want to stop. I look forward to it but I also like sleep.

It really seemed like my daughter enjoyed thigh sex. I just hope that like you, she is having the desire for me to put it in her, even though she's quite a bit younger than you were at the time. My daughter is pretty small but I'm not sure if my $%!@ could support her weight, it seems like that might be painful. I could give it a try though, she would probably think it's fun. I would never neglect blowjobs, I love them way too much. I'll continue giving her plenty of practice.

I think tomorrow I'll take her out clothes shopping and we can try things in the changing rooms and maybe restrooms. She didn't really react too much to the $%!@ on her. She's seen the $%!@ on me a few times now so its nothing too new. She just played with it with her fingers a bit.

This morning I took her in the shower again and told her that if she ever wants to give me a blowjob or anything she doesn't need to ask, just start doing it. Hopefully she gets it, if not I'll just let her know again until she does. The shower blowjob was great though. I told her to start moving her tongue around more when she's doing it. Her tongue is pretty small and there's not a lot of space in her little mouth to move it around but she's trying.

When she got home from school today I was already naked and hard to try and help her start giving me a blowjob. She came up to me, looked at my $%!@, looked up to me, I nodded and she put in her mouth right away. After I came she did her normal, grabbed her vibrator and some cigarettes and sat on the couch. A couple minutes later I sat by her and laid her back and started fingering her. She must have already been close because she came really fast.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-18 00:07:00

I know that pretty soon after Hannah had started giving blowjobs, if she had focused all her demands on one guy he would have been completely spent by the end of the day, no matter how virile he is. If your girl gets like that then you'll have a lot on your plate! Yeah younger girls generally have the capacity to have way more orgasms without getting sore or overstimulated, when Hannah started $%!@ing she basically had her fingers in her $%!@ 24/7, including in her sleep and at school. It's a bit how boys who have recently hit puberty $%!@e the most and can have more orgasms per day than adults, only to a much greater extent. The stimulant effect of all that nicotine probably helps too.

I'm certain your daughter wants you to put it inside her during the thigh sex, only she might not know that's what she wants, if you know what I mean. She might just feel a strong desire for something more, without really being aware of what that is. Or she might instinctively know exactly what the desire is for.

The clothes store changing rooms will be a great place, I remember doing stuff in those places all the time. It will be easy for you because it isn't suspicious for you and your daughter to go into the same stall, for Hannah and one of her middle school aged boys it's much harder. What does your girl think of the taste of $%!@? For me and most girls it's an acquired taste, it took me a while to learn to like it. Hannah loved the taste instantly, which is a bit unusual.

Nice to hear she's started giving blowjobs automatically and just taking it when she wants it. I bet it will become pretty common, especially after she's been touching herself for a while and she's got herself all wet and horny. It sounds like she would never turn down a fingering as well, so you should do that whenever you feel like it, it would be a fun way to wake her up in the morning.

Good luck on the sleeping together tonight, you got any plans for stuff to do in bed? More sucking, fingering, and thigh-sex I guess. I hope you can get some sleep anyway. Are you both always naked at home now? That's how me and Hannah do it, and any guests either of us bring usually follow suit. Does she ever absent-mindedly play with your $%!@ when you're sitting next to each other?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-18 00:48:16

I guess it was probably for the best that Hannah has had multiple guys if they can't keep up with her. I'm definitely $%!@ more than I ever have with my girl. My daughter has had her fingers in her $%!@ pretty much non stop too. I know smoking stimulates me and I hope it really helps my daughter too. Does Hannah smoke a lot when she's having sex too?

Yeah I think I know what you mean. She seemed to really enjoy it. Do you think it might be too much or too soon to try just putting the tip in, maybe just when I $%!@?

Your probably right about changing room being easier. I do take my daughter into the men's restroom with me sometimes depending on the place if I don't feel comfortable leaving her on her own. She doesn't mind the taste of my $%!@. She's never spit it out at least but I usually $%!@ pretty far back into her mouth so she probably doesn't taste much. Hannah sounds like the perfect little girl if she loves $%!@ so much.

It's not completely automatically but she's getting there. Waking her up with some fingering sounds like a great idea, I'll give it a try tomorrow morning.

Yeah I'm sure tonight's going to be very fun. We'll probably just continue with what we've been doing and just getting her better at it. Yeah we're naked almost all the time at home now. My daughter is naked a bit more than me though, she loves it. I can imagine you and Hannah probably hate wearing clothes by now. She hasn't started absent mindedly play with my $%!@ yet, she's either really focused on herself or me. Maybe after a while when $%!@ing becomes something she does without thinking she will. Do you and Hannah play with each other much or do you both stick with guys?