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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-16 03:23:09

Yeah, at first I thought I'd be teaching her for a while, but she had already learned most of it from watching me and she surpassed me in skill very quickly. Now she teaches me how to do it as well as her. Your girl didn't have a head start like Hannah did, but it seems to me she's naturally talented and will be very good soon, maybe around as good as Hannah. Has she given you any more $%!@s recently, what were they like? Hannah gets up to all sorts of things in the shower, I've walked in on them a few times when I've had to drag her out to stop her being late for school. You could try a long one on the weekend I guess, and maybe a bath as well.

All the boys in Hannah's school (which goes up to 8th grade) know her, and all the ones who want to do sexual stuff with her very often. There are also boys who aren't at her school, though I don't think there have been any older than teenagers. She's open to pretty much anything, she lost her virginity a couple months ago. The post-school blowjob will definitely be a regular thing if you want it to, and routines form pretty fast. She'll be enjoying it as well so she'll definitely be volunteering for it.

I always liked public stuff too and Hannah takes that even further. She often goes out to malls and places like that with a group of boys from her school, and periodically she takes one into the bathrooms. She sometimes does stuff more out in the open than that, one of her favorites is to give blowjobs in the movie theater. Another is to give one while hiding under the table at a restaurant. Maybe you could try one of those, if you're brave enough.

Just take at at the pace that feels comfortable. It makes sense to let her get used to the blowjobs before trying anything else. Just make sure you give her lots of practice! Multiple blowjobs is a good idea, she'll have improved a lot by the time she's done tonight. Make sure you reciprocate!

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-16 05:15:23

Hannah must have watched a lot of blowjobs and other stuff if she surpassed you that fast. My girl pretty much never seen a thing before but learning first hand like this she should get pretty good fast. I haven't had anymore just $%!@s since she's given me blowjobs, but I have her use her hands when she's blowing me so she's getting a little practice there. She's got the grip just about right but the motion could still use work. It's hard to want just a $%!@ when I could get a blowjob but I'll try to mix it up a bit more. I can see Hannah being late for school a lot with what she likes to do.

I didn't know some school had that wide of a range of grades. Is it a big school? With that many grades there must be a lot of guys for Hannah. She sounds very adventurous so I figured she's probably open to most things. Did she enjoy when she lost her virginity? I know your daughter is 7, mine just turned 5 a few months ago but I keep thinking more and more about what it would be like taking her virginity. I feel like if I keep asking for blowjobs as soon as she gets home she'll start to just expect it and start it on her own. I hope it so at least.

Hannah sounds like she really knows what she likes. I haven't done anything in public in a few years so I'd probably be really nervous but really horny. Getting a blowjob in a movie theater or restaurant sounds amazing. I'll have to think of what we can try in public more.

Tonight we focused on her blowjobs more. I started out fingering her for a couple orgasms and then asked for my first one. After that I fingered her again but a bit harder and she had a really big orgasm. She was breathing really heavy and squirming around a lot. I was really horny again after that and asked for another blowjob. It took her a second to recover but when started she seemed more into it than before. She went down past the head a little on her own and was going up and down on it without me having to guide her with my hand. After that I knew she needed a reward and started fingering her again, but this time i fit a third finger in her. It was tight but I think she was so horny that she didn't say anything. She had another really big orgasm but I didn't stop and kept going until she came again. At that point I could tell she was getting tired but I asked for one more blowjob. I didn't last long the third time and came in her mouth again. After that we were both tired so I put her to bed and she passed out right away. She's definitely showing improvement and I think she'll be getting good fast with this many blowjobs everyday.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-16 15:15:50

Hannah had been watching me give blowjobs for years, so she had a pretty big head start. It seems like your girl was amazingly good at first given that she'd never heard of a blowjob before, and she's learning fast, so she'll be a pro in no time. Just make sure you give her as much practice as you can! The hanjob-blowjob combo is a good option for a $%!@ your size, can she fit her hand around it or does she have to use both?

K-8 schools aren't uncommon where I live. The school is decently big, there are a lot of grades but not that many kids in each one. It does mean lots of boys for Hannah, which she loves, she'd be upset if it was only elementary school boys there. Though most of the boys in 4th grade and below haven't hit puberty yet, so she's mostly with the middle school aged ones. She loved losing her virginity, it was her 7th birthday present. I was a bit worried but she handled it great and couldn't have enjoyed it more. Maybe you could try thigh sex sometime, where you put your $%!@ between her thighs with the shaft against her vagina and rub it there. She will enjoy the stimulation as well, and it will introduce the concept of genital to genital contact.

I love Hannah's proclivity for public stuff, I did it all the time when I started having sex but she does it even more. Giving blowjobs from under a table in public is actually pretty easy, all you need is a large table with a tablecloth that goes all the way down to the ground. If you can also pull the table close to you then there's no way for anyone to see what's going on. You could also try taking your girl clothes shopping, going into the changing stall with her, and doing stuff there.

It sounds like last night was amazing for everyone involved, multiple big orgasms from both of you. I'm sure she looks forward to your nightly activities just as much as you do, she must have a blast with all the hard fingering and I bet she enjoys the sucking as well. It's great that she's really getting into it now, she's probably starting to get a lot of real pleasure out of doing it now. Hopefully it won't be long before she's just as eager to give blowjobs as you are to receive them, and her technique will be amazing.

Did you shower together this morning as well, how did all that go? Have you noticed her getting more enthusiastic recently? Has she been asking to be fingered a lot, or even asked to give you a blowjob?

Posted by dyllanportell on 2021-09-17 01:03:48

Oh my girl is getting plenty of practice now. Yeah the $%!@-blowjob combo is needed since she can't take the full length yet, hopefully she's able to start taking more soon. Her hands are definitely too small and she usually uses both.

Hannah's school sounds like the perfect one for her for getting with older boys. It's great she enjoyed losing her virginity that much. It gives me hope that my girl will enjoy it someday too. The thigh sex thing sounds like a great idea! It could give her a little idea of what the real thing could be like. I may have to try that tonight.

I can't remember any places with tablecloths that go all the way to the ground off the top of my head but I'll have to start looking for some. I haven't taken her out clothes shopping in a while so we could definitely try that soon. It would be the perfect place for her to strip all the way nude and have some fun.

Yeah she's getting used to the nightly fun. And it really seems like she's starting to enjoy pleasuring me. And of course she enjoys a good hard fingering. It's also a good time for her to smoke a lot.

I asked her to shower with me again this morning and she joined me. Once again I was completely hard when we got in and almost right away she asked if I wanted a blowjob again. I told her I'd love her to give me blowjobs anytime she wants. I can see her just starting to show some enthusiasm and the urge to start pleasuring me on her own without me guiding her. It makes me so happy to see her enjoy it this much. When she got home from school today I asked for another blowjob and she gave me one. Hopefully it doesn't take too long before I don't even have to ask for one when she gets home. She does ask fairly often if I can help her feel good and I help almost every time.

Posted by Samanthaaaaa on 2021-09-17 01:58:37

I can definitely recommend public or semi-public sexual stuff, both me and Hannah loved it from the start and every guy either of us have been with has gotten very excited by it. Clothes store changing rooms are a great place to do it, but you'll have to make sure she can be quiet and suppress any moans while you're in there.

Hannah loves her school, but she'd have no trouble getting with older boys in any school that had them. Especially middle school aged boys can't resist her. I can recommend the thigh sex too, I did it a few times before I lost my virginity and I remember really enjoying it. You'll have a great time with that tonight.

It's great that she's enjoying the blowjobs! Soon she'll be coming to you and volunteering for one. You could even tell her she doesn't need to ask and she can just unzip your pants and get to work when she feels like it, it seems like you're always in the mood. You should try fingering her unprompted as well, at least see how she feels about it.

What were the quality of the after school blowjobs, is she significantly better than she was at first? Hannah improved so fast partially because she was giving so many, the more you can squeeze in the better. Do you think you might try sleeping in the same bed soon?