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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-11-02 05:49:47

You are so right about how it use to be common but just like the way people get offended over the stupidest $%!@ing $%!@ they get offended over the kids smoking thing. Smoking in schools is prohibited but kids are going to find ways to do it or accomadate for it just like my girls do. The older one will smoke, usually 3-4 on the way to school and as soon as she is out 3-4 when she gets out. As far as the 3yo he has been progressing even got that 4yo i mentioned to start smoking with his sisters help of course they are taking mom instructions to help get her started even taught her to deep inhale. As far as raising the age well that is pure bull$%!@ but I dont care i will still get my kids as much cigarettes as they desire and encourage them not to hide it. I like the approach of the neighbor with her little one, good idea! You are so right it would not make sense any other way at this time but as far as the cough from smoky kisses well that will pass but if the neighbor girl is really anxious to get the daughter started she wont care. That mom of the 4yo didnt. It is definately a wait and see and should not be rushed into. How is the niece doing with her smoking, any new developments?

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-11-02 09:44:57

Nice to read that the 3 year old and the 4 year old girl can now inhale the smoke deeply. This makes them addicted to cigarettes even faster and the desire to smoke increases more and more. You're right, the mother of the 4 year old could have started introducing her daughter to smoking and making her addicted earlier. You can always give your child smoky kisses. As I said, my sister did it with her daughter almost from birth, and now her daughter is a chain smoker. As I've always said, the earlier you raise your children to smoke, the better it is for them. Does your 3 year old already smoke one pack a day? My two girls smoke 2 to 2 1/4 packs each day pretty consistently. My daughter, who is almost 4 1/2 years old, also smokes a lot more when my niece is with us. It then comes to around 55 cigarettes per day. She is very adopting the smoking habits of my chain-smoking niece. She encourages my big one to chain smoke and my big one likes to do it because she is already very addicted to cigarettes. The little one smokes even less than the big one, but also smokes a few cigarettes in a row more often. Especially in the morning and in the evening or after lunch. At the weekend we were in the playground just around the corner and my big one was approached by a 5 year old boy who apparently found her nice. The first thing she asked him was if he smokes. He said no and she told him that she only likes boys who smoke. She also prefers to be with older, smoking children than with smaller, non-smoking children. At first the older children were a bit astonished when they saw my two girls smoking, but over time they found both of my girls great and fully accepted them into their group. The neighbor's daughter was with us yesterday with her little one and the cough has already subsided a bit. She can at least keep the smoke in her mouth, but not inhale for a long time. But at least it's a small step forward. She gets about 40 smoky kisses a day and I have now advised the neighbor's daughter not only to blow the smoke into the little one's mouth, but also to build up some pressure so that the little one feels like she has to inhale, and so the smoke inhaled into her lungs. Once the smoke is deep in the lungs, she absorbs the nicotine even better and the more she inhales now, the faster she will become addicted and later on will smoke more from the beginning, because she is then so addicted that she will you can't do without smoking. In any case, I think it's right that she gets her daughter used to smoking and addicted so early. You can see it in my two daughters, who quickly became heavy smokers after I prepared them for smoking very early on and then let them smoke completely uncontrollably very early on. In any case, I am very proud of my two girls for becoming heavy smokers and, as they say themselves, love to smoke a lot.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-11-06 21:15:42

They are just doing as the mom is asking and i am so impressed they are willing to do its now a normal thing. I agree although i am not sure here situation with her daughter other then the smoky kisses thing. The little one of ours is very close to 1 pack a day now so its a matter of time now. HAHA that is cute about the 5yo boy and what she said it sounds exactly like something mine would say to a boy. I love how the neighbor girl is handling things with her little one its the correct approach and exactly what i would encourage her to do I would also encourage her to let your girls do the same if they dont already.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-11-07 05:21:49

Yes, the scene at the playground at that time was sweet, but it also shows that my big one has become a real smoker who only deals with smokers. In addition, she likes to put on make-up and wear her 2 inch high pumps and so naturally counts herself more among the big ones than the little ones. My little one also likes to have longer, painted fingernails and to wear mascara. Then when she smokes her Marlboro 100, she feels taller and smokes even more. In girls, it is usually easier to get them to something when, as in our case, smoking is combined with the feeling of looking beautiful. Jennifer1979 was absolutely right when she did the same with her daughter. And now hers, like my daughters, is a strong smoker.

As for the daughter of the neighbor girl, it is now slowly up to her to teach her how to inhale the smoke by blowing the smoke into the mouth of the little one with a little more pressure with each smoky kiss so that she cannot help but inhale. If that works at all then she can increase the number of smoky kisses and then later let the little one take a few puffs of each cigarette she smokes. If that works, then she can go over to giving the little one whole cigarettes to get them used to the movements of smoking and then she can bring the number of cigarettes that she gives the little one to a high level by default. For every cigarette that smokes, she should give the little one one too and since children, as you already said, learn quickly, the little one will of course do what the mother tells her and smoke just like the mother does. If she does it in the end, as I did with my two girls, that she lets the little one smoke completely uncontrollably and only gives her whole boxes, she has reached her goal when her daughter is around 3. So in about one to 1 1/2 years. My two daughters are pretty much out of the picture when it comes to the neighboring daughter's little one, but they continue to smoke around or more than 2 packs a day. On average, both of them get a new box of cigarettes every 4th day so that they never stand without and always have enough cigarettes to smoke.

If your 3 year old goes on like this, and if he follows his big sister, he will soon smoke as much as she does. It's only good for him. If your 3 children now exercise more influence on the 4-year-old, she will soon have about 1 pack per day. The influence of your 3 year old is particularly helpful. If he shows her up and encourages her to smoke like he does, she sees that it is good for her too and will smoke more too.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-11-13 17:59:29

I have been telling my girls about these stories and both think its wonderful and awesome so much so that i was right about what i said about my older. She stated when she is pregnant someday she plans to keep smoking and not cut back due to that and will do all she can to get them started early. I was also right about the (as your daughter said) only likes (or would date) only boys who smoke, which my older and younger have both told me. I like the way the neighbor girl is handling things with her daughter and I know my daughters would help her along and yes possibly by 3 she will reach some kind of goal which is a great thing. My girls are still on 2ppd and the little one is now happily smoking a pack a day and that came from helping the mom with the girl and encouraging the girl as well as encouragement from his sisters. So at this point i see him as a good role model as well and anxious to be like his sisters.