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Osama Obamanation's Destruction of Israel

Nu? Nu?

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2008-05-23 16:09:52

The original liberal Democratic coalition was made of Irish and Jews in New England and began life in the late 19th Century in response to oppression. Along with the Italians who joined later they also became active in organized crime. As for giving into Muslems our present President is busy helping the Arabs by raising oil to extremely high prices. If there are Islamic peoples who do not have oil he is insuring a market for heroin. The Taliban is producing the opium that fuels their side. Obama wants to end the illegal heroin market which causes crime and finances the Taliban. No oil wealth and Saudi Arabia has no power and goes back to playing host to the Hadj. Btw did McCain ever figure out the differance between Shiite and Sunni? He has been in Iraq many times and thinks it is calm because he walks around there surrounded by many Blackwater guards.

Posted by totoro on 2008-05-23 23:27:54

McCains favorite reverend- John Hagee says that the holocaust is gods will. Does that really pale in comparison to anything Obama or his former pastor said? If Obama is so antisemetic or anti Israel, why do Jewish voters support him 2-1 over McCain?

Posted by dave3 on 2008-05-30 01:42:44

I wonder what makes Jews guiltier---that Obama is Black,or that McCain spent five years in a cage? Although Jews supported Gore against Bush the first time,but largely backed him the second time.Perhaps it's connected...

Where's $%!@-kicking Gandhi when you need him for detailed analysis?

Posted by adk on 2008-06-02 03:45:17

Dave3, you obviously don't pay enough attention to exit polls. Jews have always voted staunchly Democratic in presidential elections--NEVER ONCE have they voted for a Republican president in recent history. John Kerry received 74% of the Jewish vote in 2004, so no, Jewish voters DID NOT back Bush EITHER TIME. Of course, it depends WHICH TYPES of Jews you're talking about. The Ultra-Orthodox Jews (the ones dressed in religious clothing) voted about 90-95% for Bush; with Modern Orthodox Jews, about 30% voted for Kerry and 70% for Bush, give or take some percent; Conservative Jews (not politically conservative--I'm talking about the denomination) voted 76% for Kerry, and Reform Jews voted 84% for Kerry. Secular Jews were also overwhelmingly for Kerry. The only group that switched from Gore to Bush was the Modern Orthodox (I'm not sure about the ultra orthodox, though).

Although I realize your "I wonder what makes Jews guiltier" comment was probably intended to be humorous, nonetheless, I think it's important to get the facts straight before you make assumptions or assume the Jewish community is monolithic in its thinking. While most American Jews consider themselves pro-Israel, some Jews are NOT. About 12% of the Jewish respondents in one poll answered "yes" to the question, "Given my views on tolerance, diversity and plurality, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of a Jewish state"--meaning AT LEAST 12% of American Jewry isn't OK with the concept of a 'Jewish state' in the Middle East. In another poll, 36% of American Jews DISAGREED with the statement "Despite a Jew's personal views on the conflict, he or she must always support the policies of the Israeli government". And poll after poll of the Jewish community has proven that a plurality, and in most cases a majority of American Jews support the creation of a Palestinian state.

So who will Jews vote for in November of 2008? Well, some in the Jewish community who are fanatically pro-Israel may sadly choose McCain over Obama, despite the fact that there's not much difference between the two in terms of their support for the state, ironically. Some Jews who are a bit racist may vote for McCain simply because they won't vote for a black man. However, most Jews will most likely vote for Obama, if past presidential elections are any indication. It seems every election cycle that the neocons say, "This is the year Jews will switch over and vote Republican for President". Some seemed to think Gore would lose some of Clinton's Jewish support in 2000, perhaps explaining why he chose Lieberman as his running mate that year. Well, it didn't happen, as 79% of Jews went for Gore-Lieberman. In 2004, commentators thought that was the year Jews would switch over and vote for Bush--unluckily for the neocons, that didn't happen, with 74% for Kerry. So will it happen in 2008? Quite doubtful.

Posted by NINdeftones on 2008-06-07 20:56:38

Obama supports Hamas? That's news to me. Last I read, he attacked Jimmy Carter for meeting with them, and has repeatably denounced them as a terrorist organization.