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Are my parents too strict?

Early bedtime at 19 y.o.

Posted by early_bedtimer on 2008-06-07 22:34:31

I think your parents are strict but are right. Since you share only a bedroom with your siblings, you four you'd have the same bedtime, the one of your 9 y.o. brother at 5:30 pm. That would be more fair for all the kids and more easy for your parents. I'm myself a 19 years old boy living for 2.5 years with my aunt and my cousins. I share the bedroom of my 13 years male cousin. His beddie is at 6:30 pm (lights off) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, at 4:00 PM on Wednesday (no school in the afternoon) and Sunday, at 8:30 on Friday and Saturday. My own bedtime is the same as his. We have to be with our nighties on for the dinner at 5:45 (also on Friday and Saturday), then to brush our teeth and off to bed for the night. On Friday and Saturday evening, we're allowed to watch TV or play in the garden for a while (yes, in nighties!) When our beddies is a 4:00 we have to dine at 3:30 already. That's usually my younger cousin, a girl of near 10, who gets us ready to sleep. She closes our shutters and curtains, tucks us in, kisses us nite-nite, turns the monitor on and the light off, then locks us in our bedroom. We aren't allowed to get up, to switch on, to read, to chatter until next morning at 6:00 am. We have potties in our bedside tables. If we aren't absolutely obedient, we are punished, with spanking bare bottom, corner time in nighies and bed confinement straight after school and all day in the weekend.

My youngest cousin, as a girl, has her own room. She has also later bedtimes than us because she's the favourite of Auntie. In the whole neighbourhood, my older cousin and myself are so first in bed every day. Off course, I'm also the first in bed of my class. Most of my school mates are girls and they know I've so early beddies. They sometimes laught at me but they are currently familiarized with my bedtime. Some of them come even at my bedside for homework when I'm bed punished.

I've a girlfriend of 16 who is usually our baby-sitter when Auntie has to go out for the afternoon or the evening. She also put us often to bed during the weekend instead of my youngest cousin.

When I went to live with my aunt at near 16, for the school, that was a big change for me. Before with mom, I hadn't bedtime at all! At the beginning, I found that much frustrating, annoying and even humiliating, but mom was really happy. Today I'm used with that and lucky having a girlfriend who loves me and likes I'd have to go early to bed.

Posted by Malph on 2008-06-14 10:06:49


Lights out for me(17) and my brother(almost 14) is 10. This is because my parents try to be asleep by then. My parents want us sleeping to, but don't much care because they say "it's your own fault if you say up too late and are tired the next day in school". We actually go to sleep at 11:30 Sunday-Thursday (which may explain why we're such big @#$% ups at school) and whenever on Friday and Saturday (I usually go to bed around 2-3 am on the weekends).

I spend most nights on the internet (here mostly, as you'll see by looking at the time I posted this) in case you wonder how I can stay up for this long. Today, however, my brother's friend is staying over, so I'm trying to avoid getting drawn on with perminent marker by staying up all night with a loaded BB gun (they've learned to open the lock on my door).

BTW, I'm not trying to whine about how horrible my life is, but rather compare your bedtime with mine.

Another thing: Some kids in my school stay up until the wee hours of the morning on school days, long after I'm asleep. Some of these are the 94 kids in my previous grade who are apparently smarter than me. Although now ALL of them are better than me since I decided to skip my Senior year (to put it simply, I dropped out and am in the process of getting a GED. Then I plan on going to college in the fall).

Posted by Malph on 2008-06-27 08:59:18

Also, it says I posted at about 10, but in my time zone (pacific) it was like 2 or 3.

Posted by Tawse Lady on 2012-07-26 03:05:40

You are a role model for your 9 year old cousin. If his aunt want to put both of you to bed at 1:00 p,m, on weekend, then so be it. I would stop you from having a 16 year old girlfriend because: first thing, she is too young for you and the second: you are being out to bed like a 4 year old so you can't have a girlfriend in the first place.

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