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I gave an upskirt

Posted by Monica on 2008-04-02 19:27:38

On one occasion I was coming down the stairs in an office block and a male was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up. I was wearing a mini and gloss tights, with stilettos. I deliberately slowed down and walked downstairs with my thighs a little open so that he could see my panty. As I walked past him I smiled.

Another time I was sitting on a train and two boys in army uniforms were sitting opposite. (I write "boys" but they must have been 18 or 19.) I deliberately opened my legs and shifted forwards in my seat so that they would have a good view of my thighs. I could see the taller one getting excited and I really enjoyed turning him on. The train was not too full, nobody else could see, so I went to the window and looked out. My back was turned to the boys. I slipped my hands up my skirt and took my panty off. Then I sat down again in my seat, hung my panty on the arm rest, and spent the rest of the ride opening and closing my thighs, giving him little flashes.

The boys wanted to start a conversation but I shushed them and just drew their attention to the area across which the panty had once been stretched. When the train came to Aldershot they stood up to leave, and I gave the taller boy the panty as a souvenir.

I wish now that I'd written my phone number on it!