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The Supreme Court of the United States and gun control

Guns Are Not Protection

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2008-03-20 23:18:14

There is a photo of President Ronald Wilson Reagan walking into a hospital after being shot. He collapsed shortly afterward but until that happened he was fully functional. Hinckley, relative of the recently deceased head of the Morman church and great nephew of the builder of R R airport, had been mere feet from the President and had fired several shots. The one that hit was not a direct shot but instead bounced off a car fender and went in in the side of Reagan. The only way to instantly stop somebody with a gun is to hit the back of the head and sink one into the top of the spinal cord. There is a case where a railroad worker had a iron rod go deep into the brain. He lived for years afterward. If you are going to shoot go for the right side of the stomach below the rib cage. The recipient will live but he will have no choice but to go to the nearest emergency because of the pain. Once there he will be arrested and will face having to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. Also, look up Rasputin. The guy was made drunk and his killers spent hours killing him. Guns are not that great a protection even though they seem to be in the movies and on tv.

Posted by dave3 on 2008-03-20 23:47:52

Based on what you say--that guns aren't that great a protection--it stands to reason that they can't be that great an offensive weapon either...so why all the fuss about gun control?

Posted by Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex on 2008-03-25 05:32:41

Hinckley was using a pawn shop gun and like every little dicked moron, he went over the top and bought exploding bullets which were defective. It's why his shots went wrong.

But if your point was that being a crazy idiot, a gun is not a great assassination tool, then yeah, you didn't make it either.

Posted by dave3 on 2008-03-25 07:15:33

If DeNiro's character in "Taxi Driver"--the inspiration for Hinckley's attack-- had used an ice-pick instead of a gun,than the freak would have tried to pick Reagan off.

I am the new Donald...

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2008-03-25 16:50:48

Hinckley was a much more interesting character than the public was made aware. The mainline press seems to have a relationship with Bush Reagan like the North Korean press has with their leader. Hinckley's family and Bush's family are old friends. When you realize this you start to have the strange idea that Hinckley was carrying out a hit for the Bush crime family. Hinckley could not have know that Ronnie was going to come out of the kitchen exit and when.Even the combination of wasting somebody and taking the victim through a commercial kitchen is common in crime novels. Hinckley was a classic gun nut. He loved and collected guns. At one point he tried to join the Nazis but they thought he was a police plant because he was always talking about killing and kicked him out. A stop in Dallas where Jfk was shot was celebrated by buying handguns. Hinckley attempted to bring the guns on a plane but had them confiscated. Like, why would he need a gun on the plane? A judge fined him a couple of bucks. His family had money so why was the fine so low? The only person to benefit from Hinckley shooting the President would have been the senior Bush who would have been made President. Straight out of the play "Julius Caesar"? Et tu George? Bush sr. stopped any investigation into the matter and a top Washington lawyer had Hinckley locked up in a mental institution where Hinckley could be kept, safe, on dope and from the press. Visit St. Paul.