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do you belive peace has a chance...

Yes! Peace and love forever!

Posted by totoro on 2008-03-18 02:49:39

Even though many people are stupid, I still have hope for a more peaceful world. I live in an apartment building in Mar Vista, California where there are people from all over the world with many differant viewpoints and orientations, and we all at least tolerate each other. Of course the crips and bloods are still killing each other 5 miles away, the Bush crime family is still slaughtering people in the middle east, and my boyfriend and I would be hassled or worse if we dared to walk down the street holding hands in some areas. Despite getting more cranky and cynical with age, I still have hope though.

Posted by dave3 on 2008-03-18 20:12:40

I applaud those who hope for peace.But faith is not enough.There must also be a rationale on which to base faith.

Posted by totoro on 2008-03-19 05:10:21

Dave3: Where have you been? Anyways, you're right. It does take alot of work to create a better world. As I mentioned before, many people are stupid and actually believe that violence will actually improve a situation. Usually it doesn't, although I do believe in self-defense. I find that when I am in a conflict situation that if I can come up with a solution that benefits all parties, then of course everyone wins. I can't see why that is either a hard thing to figure out, or somehow undesirable...so no one gets hurt and we can all enjoy life. What could possibly be wrong with that? I'm sure I am sounding like some spacy, hippy, utopian type...actually, I am a jaded, cynical crank-but one who deep down believes in good ol' peace and love.

Posted by Katie123 on 2008-03-19 19:17:56

Thanks for the reply!

I also have alot of hope for this world to be way more peaceful, i know everyone has there own point of view on PEACE on earth, but i just think its what we need to stop alot of the things going on in this world, like maybe one day the crips and bloods will be friends..if there was peace. and maybe couples can walk down the street holding hands and wont be hassled! and there are so many more things..but if only there was more peace.

thanks again.

Posted by El Acorn on 2008-03-24 06:16:11

peace will be a hard to reach dream unfortunately, the U.S. can't just let the Middle East walk all over us, war is sometimes necessary.... many people rightfully put freedom before their lives and this causes many wars.... one day hopefully, freedom will be spread all over allowing a permanent peace.... the U.S. isn't the source of fighting and violence, the Middle East is... its the extremists' faults NOT Bush or the U.S.... people have to keep that in mind