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for those who've been in a dunk tank

Did you enjoy it?

Posted by unusual individual on 2009-05-03 18:15:44

I'm sorry I deleted this, but I think I accidently clicked on the name of the last poster instead of the post itself and saw all of that poster's messages on other polls. Thinking there were a bunch of unrelated comments on the topic, I deleted it before realizing my mistake. I'm putting it back up now, in case anyone wants to put their response back up or anyone who didn't respond the first time wants to now.

Did you enjoy your time in the dunk tank? Can you describe it in greater detail?

Posted by KatieD on 2009-06-04 13:35:23

Yes I enjoyed it very much. One day I volunteered and I wore just a tank top and shorts. That was fun. Then the next day someone dropped out and on a whim I volunteered, I was wearing a long dress and pantyhose. A lot more people lined up to dunk me fully clothed!

Posted by bob1764 on 2011-12-20 04:43:46

I think everyone should go in a dunk tank at least once. I've been in several times, usually for the community picnic that our neighborhood does every year. My wife and I each spend some time in the tank. I always wear swimming trunks and she always wears a bikini or tankini.

The first time you go up, you're going to be nervous because it's a new experience like anything else, but all of this goes away after you get dunked the first time. Now, you know what it's like and you've gotten wet. On a hot day especially, you're hoping that people hit the target so you can go in and get cooled off.

It's a lot of fun to be in the tank when your wife is throwing becuase you have lots of leeway in saying things to needle her, which is a big part of the fun of being in the dunk tank. Even though she always dunks me a few times, I always get my revenge when it's her turn to go in the tank.

I have a couple of polls up for guys who have gotten dunked by their wife or girlfriend, and for those who have dunked her. Check them out and take those polls. I think it's something that everyone in a relationship should do.