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Naked at home

Me at Home

Posted by Choker on 2008-01-27 05:02:33

Hi all. I created this poll to see what people would do if their living arrangements changed. I currently live with my wife and until recently, spent most of my time naked around the house. My wife was usually naked or wore a thong/g-string.

Her brother has just moved in and she's now wearing skirts/shorts and bikini tops and she has sked me to wear at least boxers.

Posted by sander71 on 2008-02-04 06:39:09

my daughters can only wear pantyhose or tights in house

Posted by Skyfox on 2008-02-09 18:13:57

Choker, my advice for you and your wife is to go back to your clothing-optional household policy. If you can't be free to live and dress however you choose in your own home, you have no freedom at all. I don't mean for you to present it with hostility to her brother (ie. "if you don't like it, get out"), but explain to him how it was before he moved in. Explain that you want to return to that level of comfort in your home and that while you don't want to make him uncomfortable, it's something he will have to get used to if he's going to live there.

I currently live nude in my house every day and my roomie (same sex) doesn't mind at all. Even if we got an opposite-sex roomie, I wouldn't care; the policy I live by and offer to everybody is clothing optional.

Posted by quickdry on 2008-02-18 21:23:15

Hi Sander71

I'm interested in parents taking a poll I'm doing for school. I'm currently studying counseling. The only reason I'm asking you personally is you have daughters and I don't want a bunch of teen answers just parents. Please tell other parents you know. Thanks


Posted by sander71 on 2008-02-22 04:59:28

I took your poll.