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posing nude

dscribe your best pic

Posted by char dog on 2008-05-13 18:24:47

Why keep the details for the creator. Lets share here.

My mate used to have a pic on his Bebo of me being walked like a dog on the beach. All I'm wearing is a dog's choke chain on my neck but because I'm on hands and knees you can't see my stuff.

Posted by fortysomething_gal on 2008-05-13 23:15:05

I'm a photgrapher, I do mostly advertising work and some glamour stuff. A friend who was building her portfolio asked me to pose for her. I fell in love with one of the pictures she took. (I'd hang it in my house somewhere...but well people would think I'm even weirder than I am if they saw it hanging in my house LOL).

I'm sitting nude in a chair, turned kind of sideways with my legs tucked under me reading a book on the arm of the chair. My arm covers my breasts, but my bottom is clearly exposed and just the hint of my vulva. Its so clearly sexual, but somehow innocent at the same time. LOL...and I think it looks pretty damn sexy for a 48 year old broad.

Posted by BenDover69 on 2008-05-20 19:06:28

sounds like a tasteful photo...very nice :)

Posted by BenDover69 on 2008-05-20 19:10:02

where are u from 40something gal?

Posted by curious1111 on 2011-07-13 16:13:49

a female friend was doing an art course at the local college and asked if i would pose nude for her photgraphs, for her end of course exhibition, after some persuasion i agreed, and so a few days later i was standing in her flat as naked as the day i was born with her camera pointing at me as she put me into a pose she wanted. after a few shots however it was clear i was still uncomfortable and we both agreed the pics weren't very good, but then she started smilling and said it wasn't fair for one of us to be nude whilst the other was clothed, as we had been friends for a long time and had never seen each other in less than swimsuits before, so, smilling all the while she stripped of as well leaving us both without a stitch on. this had a dual effect, instantly i became more relaxed and the photos became better, but also, as i looked at her body properly seeing her slim, tight athletic build, round ars'e, bald puss'y and small perky ti'ts i got one of the biggest erection's of my life, a fact which she found hillarious she managed to persuade me to $%!@'e as she took pics, when i was done however, she jumped me, and we started to make out, wrestle around just having fun and eventualy had some amazing sex. she revealed however at the end that despite the fact she had wanted to have sex, she had left the camera taking 2 pics a minute, after assuring her i wasn't angry, we seperated the good pics from the bad and then took away the sexually explicit ones, and saved them somwhere else, leaving a set of pics of us both naked, obviously aroused, kissing and doing, what i believe the yanks call rough housing. the result was an exhibition for her which was praised for its 'honesty, beauty and elegance' whilst both of us were praised for' our courage in showing our selves in such an intimate and revealing manner' $%!@y i know but thats the artist types for you, in the end she graduated 2nd out of 35 and we still 'get together' fairly often. we were only 18 at the time now we're 22.