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Forcibly Chastising Teen boys?

chastising them based on fantasies

Posted by MollyEline on 2013-08-04 09:15:28

Should teenage boys be chastised especially when caught wanking to certain fantasies? For example, which of the following boys would you sooner put in a chastity belt?

A sixteen year old boy jacking off to celebrity women.

An eighteen year old boy jacking off to pictures of celebrity children.

Both adolescent males are committing the act of $%!@ion, yet would there be a difference in their chastity punishment based on their fantasies?

Posted by smaxam on 2014-05-23 08:47:39

The 18 year old has crossed the boundaries of age. In many women's view, this would qualify him for termination. And, there are many women who have said outright, that they would be willing to terminate the boy themselves.

Posted by Squishie on 2021-08-15 16:21:44

The sixteen year old is only a few years into having man bits and likely had no sage guidance to pay them no attention beyond washing. Most boys are taught how to aim while standing steady then shake the last drop randomly away, with no further instructions.

By the time a private moment like his has been brought to light, it likely has already well set in as a habit. When combined with viewing images of specific females, clearly some type of intervention is appropriate. A comfortably snug chastity tube and a lengthy immersive comprehensive feminist education should help tremendously. Allow him to view the world through the lens of female concerns and he will have a good chance to become a post masculine male in good community standing.

The eighteen year old has not only been likely doing this for longer than the first example but shows a big red flag for the age inappropriate arousal. This person needs the ktb or spikes to remind him the exact moment he needs to behave. He should also get the feminist education but extra care should also be taken to isolate him from any further toxic masculine influences.

The young adult who continues to raise red flags over inappropriate arousal may need further intervention. With increasing acceptance of alternate lifestyles, a positive approach could encourage gender transition as relief option from chastity. This might give the potential offender the most immersive feminist experience possible.