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Family Spanking Fantasy Poll

fanasty of my spanking my sister

Posted by mtmcgann on 2003-12-31 03:29:16

I'm 18 yrs old my sister is 12yrs old. My Mom and Dad asks me to babysitted once in while pays me $25 to do it. Well one night I found my sister in the bathroom i hear sounds of sounds my sister in pain.I go in find her masterbaiting with 12 inch dildo.Well she couldnt get it out.She looked at with fear and delight She askes me to help her out I go get vacaline rub some inside her $%!@.She cries as get out.She tells me thank you. I then I ask her where did she get this from she tells me shameful Mom's room. I ask does Mom know you use this.She says no. I got to tell Mom about this.She says no please no.You know I should.She says please again.I tell I will not if only you do as I say.She say ok. First I tell clean the dildo and put it back where she found it.Second pick up your clothes and come into my room.She does as I say.I tell dont go get the thing you found ever again.She says yes.Next I asked where did she learn to do that.She says watch a movie of my.I then tell ask her when did you watch the movie.One you was watch the your door was little open I watched it then.And the thing of Mom's i found looking in her room.Well I got to punish you for the masterbaiting and looking into my room with out my ok.I tell I going to spank her.She say ok.i tell get over my knees.She does and ask how many are you going to spank me.I said 25 times with my hand and 25 with a belt.She say thank you.I spank her eazy at first 5 then harder as i get to 25 first spankings.i then tell get up and put hands on the bed.I then use the belt all 25 a little hard and 20 to 25 very hard.She crys and crys.I tell lay down on the bed face down.She crys no more spankings.I command her do it I get the belt again. She does as I told her to do.I first rub her butt and then I lick and kiss it all over.As i lick I pull pants off.I then turn her over and lick her $%!@.She starts to like it.After 15mins I stand up I put my $%!@ clse to her mouth.She looks at me.I tell her suck it now.She puts it in her mouth.After 15mins I was about to $%!@.I tell drink everything that comes out my $%!@.I grab her head as I start to $%!@.As I do some comes out of her mouth.I tell her to lick it all up clean.I tell her get you clothes on and come down stairs. We talk over what happen.She thanks me for the $%!@ and the spanking.I tell her next time you got questions or you come by my room say something.I'll help you I teach you all you need to know.

Posted by deepdarkdesire on 2005-12-14 00:40:35

Lindsay Lohan

Hi there, everyone. I'm a pretty teen star. My dad is getting out of jail soon.
I want him to make me strip naked, bend over his knee, and have him spank my bare bottom with a paddle, like he used to.! I miss that, and I miss him .

Posted by Naomi Wilkinson on 2006-08-26 08:26:33

thats awesome. i wish i had a younger sister to spank!

Posted by spikeman1992 on 2008-04-11 06:18:19

i wish i had a sister to spank too or a sister to spank me. either will do. lol