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Public Executions


Posted by billpreston25 on 2007-01-09 19:32:54

personally i am opposed to the death penalty for several reasons

i think that you can never EVER have a criminal justice system that will never make a mistake. loads of times ppl say s/he was was convicted and there was 'no shadow' of a doubt and in like ten yrs they might overturn it with new evidence/technology

it would aslso b hard for the convicted families because even murders r loved and the fact that it was the country that the institution that is supposed to help and defend u would make it worse

it will always be poor ppl who would take the blame there would never be any rich ppl cos they have the best lawyers

it is not for a civilised society to chose whether a person lives or dies

if a kid gets hit in the playground they always told to walk away or they will b just as bad if we reinstituted this then we would b the same

society would b doing this in the name of us therfore we commit murder ther would b millions unhappy about wat a judge ordered in ther name.

even criminals have rights and stupid politions in america argue wen executions are posteponed that they should be done now 'cos it jus' cruel y'all' so even they r admitting thats these ppl have feelings. the most right wing socirety in the world

the executions could be painful the electric chair in the states OMG SO CRUEL lethal injection can take quite a while for the deceased to actually die 1botched hangings

if u want to watch them die ur just as twisted as them

the executions would be now a murderer

it is wouldnot lower the death rate as like one death a yr would hardely dicourage ppl

i live in the uk i probably wil not respond