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girls, do you wear miniskirts without panties at school?

I wear no panties sometimes.

Posted by amanda92 on 2007-09-15 00:23:20

I'm 15 and I go without panties fairly often. When I was in 6th grade, we were outside doing track & field stuff for gym class. Near the end of class we went to sit on the bleachers, and my friend Sarah sat right in a puddle of rain water. Her gym shorts were totally soaked! She was really embarrassed because her shorts were now transparent in the back, and you could see her panties.

After class we changed back into our school clothes, but her panties were still too wet to wear. So she had to go the rest of the day with no panties on. At least her skirt wasn't too short. It was a few inches above her knees.

I was teasing her about it a few weeks later, and so she dared me to go without panties for a day. I said I would only if she did too. So the next morning we took off our panties before homeroom, and went the whole day without them. I was really nervous, and it felt sooooo weird!

We tried it again a few times, with shorter skirts, and then started doing it more often. Ever since then I only wear panties about half the time.

Posted by Stefania on 2007-09-15 02:03:20

We have a dress code and uniform at school, though I wear thongs under my skirt, sometimes I skip panties if I am wearing long khakis. Now I do go commando when I go out in a mini like say to the mall or shopping, it feels daring and free.

Posted by DaddysGurlCass on 2007-10-07 20:02:37

I've dun the same thing Amanda. I've let it flip up in the back in the hallway to show off a lil 2 sum guyz. Tryin 2 get the curage up 2 flash a teacha I kinda like jus 2 C whut he'll dew.


Posted by mascorta on 2008-01-26 16:06:35

I went to an all girls school with uniform skirts which were intended to end just at your knees but were worn usually between knees and mid-thigh. Occasionaly some girls (including me) came to school without knickers, generally because of a lost bet or (more seldom) because of a dare. It wasn't a too sexual thing, the question was more not to get caught by the teachers. In tenth grade I lost a bet on purpose and from then on I found it thrilling, and I started going without just for fun and for me it became a sexual issue specially during the way from and to school: getting on and off a bus without having it noticed is definitely a challenge. With time I became more and more turned on by the thing and got more and more used to not wearing knickers. For a year or so I did it once a month more or less, then every Tuesday (I don't know why - I just made it a routine) and during the last year I went more often without knickers than with. I know of only one more girl who did it for fun, but I think she did not do it as often as me.

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Posted by nlg on 2008-02-01 19:45:53

Hi mascorta, Thanks for your message!

How often did you get caught wearing no knickers, and why? That is, did someone tell on you? Or did someone accidentally see?

What were the consequences if a girl got caught?

Did you ever "get caught" intentionally? Why & how? Who was it that caught you, and what happened?

Thanks, nlg :)