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do you wish you had a nudist family

i wish i had a nudist family

Posted by ryan~ on 2007-04-11 03:30:07

im 15 male i would love to be nude all the time with my dickk and balls hanging out i would love it in the hot summer and i have allways wondered what it would be like to swim nude in my pool but i dont think my family would like me being nude all the time

Posted by Wattman on 2007-04-18 18:51:49

Just wait a view years. I had the same problem when I lived with my parents. But now I have my own place (I moved out when I was 18), so now I can be naked al the time when I'm at home.

Posted by dippinskinny on 2007-04-26 05:31:47

When no-one else is home I get naked a lot of times, or if I am awake late at night, I go nude at home.

Posted by He-man on 2007-04-28 13:49:32



Posted by Skyfox on 2007-05-06 14:47:53

Like most people I was not fortunate enough to be raised in a nudist family. Quite the opposite, I was raised to be extremely modest and embarrassed about nudity (stop me if I've told this story in other poll message boards). I'd have a screaming freak-out if people even had a chance of seeing me nude (genitals and buttocks; I was fine with wearing just shorts or underwear). At its worst I had to cover over peoples' faces in pictures on magazines and newspapers in the bathroom before removing any clothes.

Around the age of 15 I started experimenting with nudity, first indoors and then outdoors at night. It was always restricted to night time or when nobody was home, plus when I was alone in my room. Long story short, over time I overcame my fears of nudity and became a naturist who feels very strongly about the freedom to live nude. I began sleeping nude all the time 12 years ago and gave up underwear not long after. Since the first time I went skinnydipping, I've hated swimming with any kind of swimwear. Nudity in swimming, sleeping, and general living is just far too comfortable to go back willingly.

I wish I'd been raised in a nudist family because I would have had a much healithier mentality and a lot less problems with low self image. Once you're 18 and have the ability/freedom to drive where you want and go where you want, you can find places to enjoy nudity, such as state and federal public lands (one of my favorite places for nature walks has been a state wildlife preserve). And when you are used to being nude and comfortable enough, and see it as more than just letting your "dïck and balls hang out," you can try visiting a nearby naturist resort or nude beach to spend the day nude with like-minded people.