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Superman vs. Thor vs. Hulk vs. Wonder Woman

dude thor lost to hulk

Posted by bonesboy08 on 2006-12-20 14:33:51

in a Marvel comic thor lost to hulk so the real winner between the four of these charcters is superman because we all know superman would pummel hulk

Posted by Achilles 752 on 2007-01-17 19:35:01

Dude you are dumb Thor broke the Hulk's neck with his hammer, and Thor would kill Superman... So Thor would win.

Posted by bonesboy08 on 2007-01-18 16:53:56

dude thor got is $%!@ handed to him by hulk. you know how thor's hammer cannot be picked up by anybody but thor hulk picked it up like nothing and smashed thor's head so take that idiot

Posted by Achilles 752 on 2007-01-23 23:40:07

First of all there are people allowed to pick up Thors hammer (Capt. America) and the Hulk did not have enough stregth to pick up Thors hammer over his head it took all of the Hulks strength to through it at him.

Posted by bonesboy08 on 2007-06-16 19:59:26

whoa you guys are dumb a s s e s. Superman has already been determined unbeatable in the marvel universe. How do i know for one look at the recent cross brand series comic book cover. It shows superman holding captain America's shield and and thor's hammer and underneath his foot he is pressing down on the Hulk's head. That was an official comic book of both brand's which was signed by the author's including Stan Lee. Stan Lee himself said he was his "inspiration" and he couldn't think of anything more "original or great" as superman. This discussion is dead i already know that superman could take any one on in the Marvel Universe and crush them as evidenced by the cross brand comics agreed upon by DC and Stan Lee and Marvel. (no popularity votes involved)