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Three Wonderful Projects You Can Make WIth Sand Dollars

Posted by Janellebrown on 2022-03-22 08:46:28

So you've collected a boatload of sand dollars from the beach and are looking for a way to use them in a creative and artsy way? What a brilliant idea! Here are three DIY projects to extend the life of those sand dollars.

First and foremost, avoid taking the living sand dollars. Only the "skeletons" that have washed up on the beach should be taken. Sand dollars that are still alive have small spines that seem like hair sprouting up from all over their bodies, and the spines move, indicating that they are still alive.

Before you start, clean the sand dollars by soaking them in fresh containers of cool water until all of the brown gunk has been removed and the water is clear before beginning. After that, bleach them for 5 to 10 minutes in a combination of two parts water and one part bleach. Rinse them well and set them aside to dry.

The sand dollar will then be preserved and hardened to make them less fragile and easier to deal with. To do so, combine half white glue and half water in a mixing bowl. Allow the sand dollars to dry completely after painting them with the mixture.

1. Decorations

Sand dollar ornaments are perhaps the most simple to make. Simply wrap a narrow gleaming ribbon through the sand dollar's largest natural hole, tie the ends together, and your ornament is ready to hang on the tree yes, it's that easy. Of course, you can glam them up with paint pens, glitter, and a variety of other embellishments. Instead of looping and attaching the ribbon ends to the sand dollars, you might hot glue them to them.

2. Work of art

The possibilities with sand dollar painting are only limited by your imagination. Experiment with different materials and combinations, such as shells, sand, and beach glass. Paint the sand dollars with light strokes of acrylic or watercolor paint, or attach them to burlap cloth for a rustic effect. You could even display the sand dollars alongside beach images in a shadow box. Do you enjoy wall art that has a polished appearance? Inside double-sided glass frames, arrange your sand dollars in nice, even rows.

3. Use of Night Lights

The light shining through a sand dollar is visually pleasing, and it gives a space a pleasant, beachy vibe at night. To turn a sand dollar into a night light, wait until it is completely dried before applying epoxy glue and pressing it onto a night light clip. You're done after the adhesive has dried. Allow light to shine through.

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