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Love and bbw

Posted by Mazer on 2022-03-01 09:43:07

Who doesn’t love curves for days? What’s sexier than a woman who’s proud of her body and has the confidence to show it off? If that sounds awesome to you, then a big-beautiful-woman, or BBW, is just the lady you’re looking for. Larger women can be fun-loving, vivacious, and have self-confidence to spare. If you have a picture in your mind of who you’re looking for, and a curvy kitten fits the bill, we’re here to help you find her.

Posted by Iovanne on 2022-03-03 08:53:14

People talk a lot about true love. This is an important part of our life. But reality often surprises. I have a friend who is very beautiful.. but the men rejected her because she was overweight.. I advised her read more about a dating site for bbw. She took my advice and it led her to a successful marriage a year later. Every case is unique

Posted by ledam40306 on 2022-03-05 09:09:07

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Posted by ledam40306 on 2022-03-20 12:34:22

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Posted by ledam40306 on 2022-03-22 13:23:43

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