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Topic: Guidelines to use the first, second and third person in your term paper

Posted by Daisy Randall on 2021-12-15 10:09:59

What is the most difficult challenge that students face in college?

A persuasive essay writer is about convincing the audience about an issue of public concern or any subject that has more than one opinion about it. It is about taking a position about an idea to persuade the reader to take action accordingly.  

Is it socializing with a diverse group of individuals? No! Relationship difficulties? Not even close! The most significant challenge for most students is academic writing. The writing skills taught by most high schools do NOT prepare you for writing professional term papers. It is, therefore, always wise to take help from online writing websites when there is any confusion.


Reader Comments - Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy


Term papers

To analyze whether first-, second-, and third-person language are appropriate in academic papers, we must define such a paper first. An academic (or term paper) is a research paper that students write, which contains primary or at least secondary research. The language used in this paper is much different from essays, book reports, and speeches that you wrote in high school. Formatting, sentence structure, and appropriate pronouns. 

I cannot ask another person to write my essay, as it will not solve the problem if I am unable to write a persuasive essay by myself. Similarly, if you lack writing expertise, you need to develop them to produce a good essay.


Defining the 3 major points of view

  1.     First-person:

First-person pronouns are used when referring to your own self or team. Some first-person pronouns commonly used in writing are I, me, our, we, us mine, and ours, etc. For example, "I went to the store to get ice cream" is a first-person sentence. This language is occasionally used in academic papers


  1.     Second person:

Second-person pronouns are used to provide instructions. This blog adopts a second-person point of view. Some examples of second-person pronouns include your and you. For example, “you should hire an online essay writer to do your paper for you" is a second-person sentence. 

However, if you are not good at writing, the selection of a favorite topic may not be of any use to you. I once asked my friend to write my thesis, as I was not good at writing. So i get help It was my best experience of getting my work done by essay writing service.


  1.     Third-person

Third-person pronouns are both proper (e.g., name) and specific nouns for a group of individuals (e.g., nurses). It is distinguished from the second person since it does not directly refer to the reader. Some common third-person terminology includes he, she, her, his, one, one's, their, and everyone, etc. For example, "One's purpose in life is not to simply earn money" is an example of a third-person point of view. 

Research and Term paper language

  1.     The first person in your Term Paper

If you analyze multiple research papers, you will observe that the first person is infrequently used. The first-person terminology often seems unprofessional and you should avoid its frequent use. The abstract, introduction, discussion of results, and conclusions can have first-person terminology but you must avoid "I" at all costs and use ``We" or "My team" instead.

In term papers, your focus should be findings from your research rather than yourself. So instead of writing "I found that X and Y are correlated" you should write "Research shows that X and Y are correlated.". In the abstract section, you can write something like "We aimed to find a correlation between Temperature and Pressure.”. Over-usage of the first person can make your term paper seem unprofessional. 

Following is a sample of a persuasive write my paper about the abortion debate. I hope it will give you an idea of writing this kind of essay.


  1.     Second person in your Term paper:

Second-person pronouns are very rarely used in term papers. The methodology of a scientific term paper may adopt the second person point of view e.g., You can expect something like “you must first add hydrochloric acid to sodium hydroxide and then, you should collect the gas that is released.”. If you employ a paper writing service for your term paper, make sure to revise the content to eliminate second-person pronouns. This point of view is highly discouraged by professionals and you must avoid it at all costs.


  1.     The third person in your Term paper:

The third person will most frequently be used in your term papers. You should avoid the usage of feminine and masculine terminologies like his, her, him, he, and she. You should instead use indefinite pronouns like “the researcher”, or “the authors”.  Gender pronouns can be used after the indefinite pronouns e.g., “the researcher carried out an acid-base reaction. She mixed 2 moles of acid with 2 moles of base”.


Third or first? Where to use each one

Whenever you are in doubt, simply use the third person because it seems much more formal than the first and second person. Consistency is also important because switching constantly from first to the third person and vice versa can prove to be distracting. It is best to use the first person only in your abstract, discussion, and conclusion. The rest of the paper should be written in the third person point of view. 

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What to do if you are confused?

After writing your paper, go through it in-depth and make sure that only the first and third person is used. If all this first, second and third mumbo-jumbo is too confusing for you there is an excellent solution for you. When given a term paper, you can upload the instructions on writing websites, contact their support team and tell them “please write my paper according to the instructions and do not use a second-person point of view". The online writing service will take your money and write an excellent term paper for you in the given deadline.

In conclusion, college papers are much more formal compared to high school papers. You must take care of the formatting, sentence structure, and grammar throughout the paper. In term papers use only the first person and third-person points of view. You can also hire online paper writers to do your work for you while you relax and enjoy life. If you cannot afford that, you can send your completed work to these services so that they can proofread it and correct your pronoun mistakes.  


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