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All About DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Extension

Posted by Muhammad Tayyab on 2021-11-09 18:27:15

Protection Housing Authority is one of the eminent brands in the land area. Till now, DHA Islamabad has effectively dispatched six different stages within the Twin Cities. The formative work is in its final stages in the milestone venture of DHA Valley.


DHA Phase 2 Extension was introduced in 2005. It is currently known as stage VI of DHA Islamabad. This period of DHA is spread over in excess of 55000 Kanals and formative work is under process according to its end-all strategy. DHA Islamabad is focused on providing greatness in housing and intends to convey present day and best in class offices at affordable rates.


The administration of DHA is paying incredible consideration regarding the infrastructure of its stages. The astonishing component of DHA Phase VI (Phase 2 Extension) that distinguishes it from past stages is its masterplan. The masterplan of this stage was planned by the OJRM, which is a world-renowned organization in the field of town planning.


Before I push ahead to give you a thought regarding the property costs of different areas of DHA Phase VI, here I feel happy to let you know that now you can purchase a house in any of its stages. Because of quick advancement in DHA Islamabad, one can generally find "Flat for rent in Islamabad" advertisements accessible. Assuming you need to invest your cash in land area then there could be no greater choice other than DHA Islamabad. As you can purchase your fantasy house at affordable costs.


Value Valuation of DHA Islamabad Phase VI (Phase 2 Extension)


DHA Property Exchange is the authority organ of DHA Islamabad that offers types of assistance in the land area. DHA Property Exchange has introduced Plot for rent in Islamabad  which value your money. The followings are the area savvy value valuations for the different areas of DHA Phase VI. These assessments are for the period of January 2020.


Area A&B of DHA Islamabad Phase VI


The property costs in area A&B of DHA Phase VI are something similar according to the valuations of DHA Property Exchange. Here you can purchase a residential plot of 1 Kanal at a normal cost of 4.5 million rupees.


Area C of DHA Islamabad Phase VI


Property costs in this area are low when contrasted with the area A&B as the cost of a 1 Kanal residential plot ranges between 4.0-4.2 million in this area.


Area E and F, DHA Phase V Islamabad


Plots costs are practically something similar in both of these areas according to the valuations of DHA Property Exchange. You can purchase a residential plot of 125 yards in only 5 million rupees in both of these areas. 5.3 Marla commercial plots are accessible at a cost of 20-21 million rupees.


Area C, DHA Phase V Islamabad


A 500 Yards residential plot in this area ranges between 9-16.5 million rupees. While the cost of 4 Marla commercial plot ranges between 13-19 million rupees. The costs of 250-yard plots are additionally lower when contrasted with An and B areas as you can purchase a plot of 250 yards at a cost of 7-9.5 million rupees.


Area J of DHA Islamabad Phase VI


You can purchase a residential plot of 1 Kanal in 3.3-3.4 million rupees.


Area K of DHA Islamabad Phase VI


The cost of 1 Kanal residential plot ranges between 3.1-3.3 million rupees.


Area M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, and T of DHA Islamabad Phase VI


The property costs in this large number of eight areas are something very similar and reach between 3.0-3.2 million rupees for a residential plot of 1 Kanal.


Gharbaar site is a confided in name in Twin Cities in the field of land. Presently you can sell and purchase commercial and residential plots of DHA Islamabad through the assistance of Gharbaar. The experts of Gharbaar will help all of your property exchanges.

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