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Answers To Why You Should Invest In Watch Servicing

Posted by Micheal Harris on 2021-09-17 07:36:56

Having a watch is like getting a car. You should bring it for watch servicing regularly. Why? This is a beautiful investment that needs proper care and maintenance.

Why compare your watch to a car? It is because your watch runs on hundreds of mechanical parts that require maintenance and cleaning to make it last. Aside from this, the watch runs 24 hours a day, without any break. Therefore, it needs tender, loving care.

Why should you invest in watch servicing? Simple, when investing in an expensive timepiece, you should also invest in getting it serviced. Experts recommend watch servicing every five years. However, some are saying four while others say three. We recommend any time before three to five years.

Conditions that Would Affect the Period Between Watch Servicing

The period between watch servicing is not set in stone as certain conditions could either prolong or shorten it. Wearing your watch properly and storing them after each use will extend the period between servicing. However, if you notice something amiss in its function, you should bring it for service immediately.

Another factor that could affect the period between servicing is water. If you are wearing your watch regularly in water, you should stick to the five years maximum amount between availing watch servicing. It will also ensure that your timepiece remains water-resistant.

The Process of Watch Servicing

Watch servicing is not a simple process. Watches have small mechanical items that could easily get lost. That is why you should handle it with care. Below is a summary of the watch servicing process.

Step 1: Taking it Apart

The first step in watch servicing is taking apart the watch piece by piece. First, the bracelet or the strap is removed and the case is broken down into its components. This is done carefully to avoid any damage.

Step 2: Cleaning

After taking the watch apart, the next step is to give the parts some cleaning. Extreme care is employed in this step because the parts are sensitive. It also needs special tools and machines to clean and polish its different parts.

Step 3: Parts Replacement

While cleaning the small parts of the watch, it is also assessed for any rusting or damage. If needed, the damaged parts are replaced with genuine manufacturer-approved parts.

Step 4: Assembling the Movement

After cleaning, polishing, and replacing the worn-out parts, the next step in watch servicing is assembling the movement back. Here extreme care is also required to ensure that the watch will tell accurate time and function.

Step 5: Refinishing

Refinishing should be done when there are scratches and dents on the watch. It is a very intricate process but equally satisfying as well. After removing the dents and scratches, the watch is given final finishing and deep cleaning. It is further reassembled.

Step 6: Testing

The last step in watch servicing is testing if all the parts are working properly. The test includes checking the time and tolerance to pressure if the watch is water-resistant. Once the testing is completed and all the aspects of the watch passed quality control, the watch is now as good as new.

Final Thoughts

Watch servicing is as intricate as the parts of the watch. It is something that should be done by a watch service specialist. This specialist has the knowledge and skills required to service a watch without damaging it.