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Amazon Vendor Central Invitation pros & cons

Posted by jonsonwilliam on 2021-09-09 08:21:18

Hello guys. For the third time in 3 years amazon is yet again asking us to join vendor central. In the past we declined the invitation (terms didn't seem favourable to the seller and we felt we will lose a lot of control of our brand).

Those whom are currently using vendor central are there pros and cons that have recently been announced? E.g any new vendor central policies that you like or hate ?

Those who declined vendor central invitation what were the reasons?

I am getting a bit scared now that If we keep declining their vendor central they might find a reason to suspend us from their platform.

Note: our products are mainly (FBA) small and light items which makes it hard to create margins for amazon. In the past they did mention that we could create exclusive product lines /packets just for amazon.

Also i don't think I have enough man power to deal with large orders due to covid restrictions there's only myself and 1 other person working at the moment.