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LG Smart TV Remote

Posted by rockerken on 2021-03-30 07:42:24

Description of LG Smart TV Remote LG Smart TV Remote is an unofficial application that turns your mobile into a smart remote control for your Smart TV . It is not an App affiliated to the LG Electronics brand, so it has no relationship with it. However, it serves perfectly to control the smart TVs of this firm. More about Live Net TV Apk It has a friendly and simple interface, with an elegant and minimalist design . You can choose from a variety of options, for example automatic mode with a white background or dark mode. It also includes an interface with the Magic Trackpad and the alternative of placing a pop-up Widget on the screen.

You no longer have to look for the lost remote control under the couch, between the chairs or where you least imagine it. Also, forget about buying new batteries all the time. By downloading LG Smart TV Remote you have full control of your Smart TV on your mobile . So enjoy really smart, convenient control that's always at your fingertips.

Smart control on your mobile Say goodbye to your clunky old remote. Start controlling your LG Smart TV with this incredible App. It offers you all the functions of the old remote control and adds more intelligent and entertaining ones . Of course, it is the best remote control you can have to manage all the functions of LG smart TVs.

You cannot imagine everything you can do from your mobile with this control. It has the traditional functions of turning the TV on or off , as long as the models are compatible with the App.

Also, change channels by using the up and down buttons or by entering the specific channel number to get to it directly. It also includes raising / lowering the volume or activating the silent mode with the push of a button. And finally, modify the input source , such as: PC, AV, HDMI, etc.

On the other hand, it allows you to program and add several televisions to the App menu to control them from the same place. So you don't have to have several remote controls, your mobile device will suffice.

Browse through all the TV features. Also find shortcuts to built-in smart apps , like Prime video or Netflix. In addition, add a Widget to the home screen of the mobile, so that you always have your digital remote control available. When you need to surf the internet, you just have to use the Trackpad and it will be as smooth as using a laptop.

Features of LG Smart TV Remote Free tool to control LG smart TVs. Contains advertisements . Available for Android mobile devices . Smart remote control . Supports multiple TVs in a single App. New features and improvements in every update. The new version includes a sleep timer and an option to transmit music, images and videos from the mobile phone to the TV. The developers use this app constantly on a personal basis and work to fix all the bugs . In summary, if you have an LG Smart TV you cannot stop downloading LG Smart TV Remote on your Android mobile device . Control all the options from your mobile and leave your old control in the past.

Posted by meltop on 2021-03-30 08:25:52

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