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how to download videos from youtube on mac?

Posted by Mamelelen on 2022-01-28 12:02:23

My boyfriend loves watching videos, too. He often spends his evenings at the computer. I don't get mad at him because he makes money from game streams. He streams on YouTube and then saves these videos on his blog. He has quite a few subscribers already. Of course, the target audience is also players. I remember how he started as a video blogger, waiting for his first subscribers and getting upset because of nasty comments. I was always there and supported his endeavours. Winning people's interests is quite challenging, so I appreciate his hard work and investment in his activities. As far as I know, in the beginning, he used a https://top4smm.com/youtube-subscribers that helped him start getting youtube subscribers here.

Posted by Aurneriel on 2022-01-28 12:04:07

Personally, I don't watch many YouTube videos, except for some interviews. My boyfriend's job involves YouTube, so he's definitely an addict, haha.

Posted by Tsgpchelp12 on 2022-02-19 06:55:50

Just press Command + Shift + 5 to bring up the screen recording options. You can select a window or record the entire screen, and change the options to include audio from your Mac's microphone. The best program for downloading YouTube videos on Mac in high quality formats is 4K Video Downloader. For more frequently asked questions email

Posted by gastonkilby on 2022-07-04 15:44:12

It's actually all ridiculous, as there's an easier way to earn your audience, just buying it. You go to any service that does this, and it adds viewers to your stream and in parallel real users come to you out of interest and subscribe to you. Personally, I used youtube smm panel for this because it was recommended to me as the best, and now I just make money from the ads that advertisers order from me.

Posted by alexusa on 2022-07-12 02:22:55

I think it's very good for your boyfriend to use the computer to stream games and earn money from it. io games the impossible quiz