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Meek and Chic Tomboy Seeks Man Who Doesn’t Run Away

Posted by Sdaddieman on 2020-04-02 12:59:20

Dear WWW, can’t relate directly but can understand both Your & Slovenian girl  feelings re–absolute rejection and worse fears. Sad, especially! because stuff betwixt U2 seem sweet, swell. Dearie JM: Task welldone; check’s in the mail!

Good news: ‘Confession’ heals’ and doubly so with 2involved. IF! [here's hoping Udo] You, Ms. WWW, have some “horrid-am-I” bones buried deep underground, dig ‘em up & share with Him. Be vulnerable2Him. Actually, being vulnerable as in having-seen-His, show-Yours is kinda vital to romancing relations. IF no one’s vulerable: Problem, anyway! Soooo, ask YourHim for a hand of His !2 hold, as You literally touch His Heart while sharing YOUR tales of weird wolfing. Remind Him nothing’s new under the suns, OR invented by Him. [BTW: Don't rule out Guy/Couple. therapy' , if could help.] Missed Pink & Blue Moons, but…Happy Howling!

Thanks, everyone. “Werewolf” will do just fine! The fact that no one seems to have been standing in these shoes tells me that he is exactly as rare as I think he is. Jeff had it down perfectly—if I’d had a chance to let things filter through meself before I spoke, I never would have said what I did. I don’t know if there’s any hope left for me, but Jeff’s remarks are encouraging. Keep your fingers crossed for me, all! Thanks for asking, All summer long he has continued to see me and do me favors. By all Jeff’s standards, he acts smitten. But he’s a brick wall as to the actual issue of taking me back. An absolute brick wall. I wish I could understand.

As an example, the other night the wrong guy took me to a place I couldn’t go by myself as a favor to me. When my back was turned, he bought a trinket for me that I had admired. When I offered to make dinner one night, he dumped other plans so he could get to my house sooner. I could go on and on.

What gives? I gave him my little speech, told him I was crazy about him still. He didn’t recoil in horror but neither did he reciprocate. Brick. Wall. Acts smitten, but from behind a brick wall.

Posted by Bersibac696 on 2020-05-21 09:01:39

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