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Birthday, bloopers and pies in the face :-))

Posted by Jack_Masters on 2019-09-21 14:16:16

How is it that you have been able to create new polls? I tried to create a new poll here but I couldn't get past the first question. It locked up and wouldn't do anything when I tried to add choices to the multiple choice question. I deleted the poll and restarted a bunch of times and it never worked. I tried a simple test poll too, but same results.

You don't seem to be having problems, or maybe you know a secret or something. Can you tell me what I need to do to create a new poll on MisterPoll?

I spent a decent amount of time drafting my poll, so it's frustrating that I can't post it.

Posted by unsanesarah on 2019-09-21 14:43:20

I've had issues as well. It seems unfortunately that the pie-in-the-face fetishist spam is 90% of what I see as far as anything new. Maybe they are just trying with the same nutso determination they spam their polls and eventually one makes it through the creation process. Sad days for MisterPoll

Posted by Jack_Masters on 2019-09-21 16:44:10

Sad says in deed. But I'm interested in the fact that this pie fetishist can actually DO it, meaning create a new poll. It works for this person, so what is he or she doing that's different? Or is this one of the MisterPoll IT guys with inside access?

Posted by Charles Green on 2019-09-23 12:54:07

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