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Met a German guy, he is very handsome

Posted by fanta on 2019-08-13 23:15:00

This is the situation that has occurred. Met a German guy, he is very handsome)is true) neat,short hair with green eyes and a good body.and it's a little sugary sweet smile with white teeth. At first everything was fine, he just filled up with compliments, we talked, walked, he talked about his dreams, plans. The day could say like 1000 times, and the same number of compliments. But everything was so fast,we literally started Dating on the first day, he was very persistent!) a few days later everything changed, can you imagine?) when the topic came about that he came to Russia, he wanted and was set up next month, and said "here I will come and take you to him", but abruptly something changed and he became cold)I'm just shocked that so sharply, he said they say not sure of their feelings and all that kind. But also blamed the tough is that I don't love him, they say he feels.. I tried to get it back, but he was cold, so I ended up saying, "do what you want,"and I left... Now I'm still waiting for his SMS, really miss the way we spent time) I wonder why such a drastic change? I do not understand. Who else had relationships with guys of this nationality?..

Posted by Alex Feil on 2019-08-15 13:25:22

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who has never visited online portals, dating sites or social networks. If five years ago virtual communication was criticized by the older generation, now even people of the age have “hooked” on various sites that provide the opportunity to make new friends, look for old friends and look for their soul mates.

Posted by Nika Martin on 2019-08-21 09:24:44

Online dating has become our daily routine. Interestingly, their number is increasing at a frantic rate every day. Moreover, not only young men and women resort to this type of dating, but also adult men and women. And the problem is that a person at any age is afraid of loneliness https://www.dating.com/best-dating-sites-in-germany/ Communicating on the Internet is much easier than meeting a person face to face. After all, sitting at the computer, and communicating with a person on the other side of the earth, we feel completely relaxed and confident. In addition, many are complex about their appearance, and the Internet helps to hide all this.

Posted by Alex Feil on 2019-08-23 10:59:20

Personally, I am skeptical about dating on dating sites, simply because I prefer live communication. However, I met several friends online, and still together with their halves. Therefore - why not, you need to look for love by all available means! I am very inspired by the stories of happy coincidences and coincidences, thanks to which people met. I’m sure that the “same” person can be met in absolutely any conditions!

Posted by Nika Martin on 2019-08-24 08:39:21

As for specific recommendations on how to find your man on dating sites, they should always be based on the woman’s worldview, on her ideas about relationships, her individual experience. But the worldview and ideas about life are different for everyone, so there can be no general recommendations "for all."