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Can't vote or do poll

Posted by boybash2525 on 2018-11-21 21:33:37

It not working for me to vote or make poll

Posted by javir on 2018-11-22 06:08:05

now it works and you can vote, and to do a poll you have to use Google Chrome ,and by checking the tab make a poll ,you will get a square warning you that the page has not downloaded alls the plugins ,because they are not safe ,you have to mark download all the plugins ,despite the warning , and you already can do the poll.

Posted by boybash2525 on 2018-11-26 02:21:01

I use google chrome. It just says error when I try to upload,answer

Posted by javir on 2018-11-26 06:21:22

when you access the misterpoll page as a user and with google chrome,in the upper right corner of your computer screen you will see the symbol of a computer tower with a small red square and an little x white inside, and if you pass the mouse over it ,you will see that there is a small sign that tells you

" this page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources "

If you click on it you will see a square that tells you

"unsafe content blocked , this page is trying to download scripts from unauthorized sources"

and below the inscription

" load unsafe scripts "

you click there and you can already do a poll.