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Girls using testicles as stress balls

Posted by KarateChick on 2018-10-26 05:52:12

I find hitting a boy in the balls to be so hilarious! The faces they make are wonderfully funny, how they are all scrunched up! Its also so funny seeing boys go straight to the ground clutching themselves like little babies lol. I'm a green belt in Krav Maga and I know just how useful a kick to the nads can be for fighting guys! I'm glad I'm a girl lol, they even say that it doesn't really work on girls and to not go for it, glad I don't have such a weakness!

Posted by Xell on 2018-10-26 16:31:25

my sister when she is angry use to squeeze my balls. she say that is relaxing and helps her feel better. i don't know why. once she even kicked me just to make her friends laught. Is not hilarious is painful lol

Posted by KarateChick on 2018-10-26 18:04:49

It is funny...For us girls! Guys act so tough but one good hit to the nuts can take any man down! And we don't even have those silly things for you to strike back! I always found it funny that the testicle is what supposedly makes men stronger with its testosterone but with a good strong hit it incapacitates a man and can even make him sterile!

Posted by Xell on 2018-10-27 21:23:08

it is painful and humiliating ... for us boys. the worst thing is that it's so easy for a girl to reach your balls. even my cousin likes to hit me. she simply puts her hand on my balls because she knows I like it and then she squeezes my nuts. when I try to hit her between her legs there are no effects at all and she likes it. She likes to tease me saying things like:"who is the stronger sex now?" anyway, if I wear something to protect my balls there is no way for a girl to hurt me and humiliate me

Posted by KarateChick on 2018-10-28 03:20:32

We know its easy and it takes a boy or man down quickly! Not only that but to even stand a chance to a girl in a fight he was to wear "armor" or "protection" lol boys need protection from girls, how pathetic! It just goes to show if a guy and a girl were naked in a fight a girl would easily win!

One of my male friends was talking about how boys are stronger than girls well I came up from behind him and rammed my knee right into his groin! He was on the ground sputtering and gasping in an instant! I and the girls there laughed. Then I said "Boys need to toughen up their balls if they want a chance to fight girls!"