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Should I insist my 15-year-old sister wears a nappy?

Posted by katyc1999 on 2017-04-23 15:19:56


As a treat for her birthday in a few weeks I’ve offered to take my sister and a couple of her friends to the theatre in a big city about 2 hours’ drive from our house. As those who’ve read my other posts will know, she has some bladder problems. Although she has improved in the last couple of years, she’s still wetting her bed three or four times a month and completely wets her pants at least once or twice a week with many smaller accidents in between. I’ve a lot of sympathy as I suffered with similar issues at her age but I’m afraid she’ll need the toilet during the journey, I won’t be able to find one fast enough and she’ll have an accident. I don’t want my car seats ruined and all the rigmarole of finding her somewhere change etc. She doesn’t help herself, something like this nearly happened a few weeks ago, I picked her up from school, about half way through the 30-minute journey home she starts fidgeting and shortly after says she needs the toilet badly. It ended with me stopping in a layby on a quiet country lane and her jumping out of the car barely in-time to keep my upholstery dry, her knickers won’t so lucky. It wouldn’t have been so bad but knowing what she’s like I’d asked if she’d been to the toilet when I picked her up, she said yes, but I swear she lied.

Posted by Charles Green on 2019-09-29 11:01:33

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