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I let my daughter play with my son's privates...

Posted by Lukeyboy214 on 2017-06-22 18:31:16

Hi Ben, yeah your sister sounds like mine, and somehow I think they'd get on if they met! My sister likes it when I get a boner too! She also likes it when I get random boners, which we do at this age, and over the weekend it has been hot here too, and she's seen the bulge in my shorts and stroked it a little bit or rubbed it through my shorts!

Yeah my sister had a sleepover with her girly friends a couple of weeks ago and it started off alright, because they just went to her bedroom and did their own thing! But then just after dinner, they asked me to join them in my sister's bedroom. They started teasing me and calling me cute. One of my sister's friends then started feeling my balls through my jeans and saying things like "I bet you've got a nice package Luke" and "I can't wait to see inside your pants!" My sister then told me to lay on my back on her bed, and they all started teasing me, and stripping me. They took my top off and then they slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I had a boner by this point and they giggled as they saw the bulge in my boxers, and one said she could see my sausage a bit through the fly in my boxers! All the girls then had to have a look and then one of them unbuttoned my boxers and pulled my sausage out! They all started playing with it and touching it, and then they pulled my boxers off and some started playing with my balls too! They continued playing with my stuff through the evening, and they even made a little game out of it at one point - to see how many times they could make me $%!@! Needless to say, they had lots of fun that night, and my sister told me afterwards that they all wanted to do it again before long!

Ben, does your sister ever tease you in front of your parents, just to see if you can get a boner or anything? My sister does it, and normally does it when I'm wearing loose shorts or my boxers, just because she can see the bulge when I get a boner!

Posted by Ben_Davis on 2017-06-26 17:32:27

Hi Luke. Yeah my sister teases me in front of my mum sometimes and makes me get a b*ner and then she'll make it really obvious by saying things like "what's that in your pants Ben" or "are you getting excited?!" it can be annoying but I don't mind most of the time. It's when she touches it in front of our mum that it can be annoying. If I'm wearing loose trousers or shorts, or sometimes my boxers, and she sees the bulge, she'll touch it or stroke it a little bit, or she'll say things like "oohhh what's this in your pants?" and then put her head right there and look and touch it and giggle!

My mum has said before that because I'm the only set around, my sister is naturally going to be curious and will experiment with my privates. Once we were all sat in the living room, my sister and I on the sofa and my mum on the chair sort of opposite us. I was wearing a t-shirt and a loose pair of shorts and she was teasing me and when she saw I had a boner, she put her head right down next to it and said something like "oooh what have you got inside your pants Ben?!" and then giggled. My mum giggled and said "pull his shorts down and have a look if you want sweetie!". My sister stroked my d*ck a little bit and giggled!

Today, my sister made me go into her bedroom soon after we got home from school and she started by making my stand up against the wall. She then started flirting with me and then she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off and then she started teasing me before making me lay on her bed. She quickly took my trousers off, leaving me in just my socks and boxers, and she was touching and stroking my $%!@! Then she pulled my boxers off and giggled as it bobbed around! She then started giggling more and then started smacking my d*ck!! It didn't hurt too much and then she rolled my balls around a little bit! She eventually made my $%!@ but only after teasing me for a long while first!

She told me that more of her friends are coming over on Friday night/Saturday and they all want to look, touch and play with my privates and "learn more about them". She said they might play a game where they see how long they can keep me going without me $%!@!!

Posted by Silsu on 2018-12-06 17:26:11

It's normal to let your daughter play with your son's balls. boys must understand they are just toys!

Posted by Circdad on 2019-05-15 04:54:50

Sounds like a great idea! I raise my 15 year old son pretty conservatively and I do have a daughter. The problem is I dont want my daughter to give him an orgasm. I raised and am raising my boy to be virginal and orgasmless. Me and my son do have times where we bond together with our naked bodies but I have more of a sense of when he might about to orgasm so I know how to prevent it alot better than my daughter would. However I respect all values that different families have, its what makes us unique. I just raise my son to be different than most.

Posted by I'mPollster on 2019-06-04 03:12:39


I think you girls will like it!!!