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I let my daughter play with my son's privates...

Posted by kj937 on 2017-05-29 13:48:34

Yeah I play with my brother's $%!@ and balls all the time too! I'm 14 and he's 15 nearly 16. Sometimes I make him strip naked, especially if I have friends around, and play with him and make him get a boner and then roll his balls around between our fingers. Sometimes we make him $%!@ too which is so much fun! We just stroke his $%!@ and roll his balls around and he soon shoots all over the place. One of my friends doesn't have any brothers and had never seen a boy naked before, so a little while ago I bought her over after school and we went into my brother's room and made him strip naked (he was still in school uniform) and I showed her his $%!@ and balls and talked to her about them. She then reached out and had a little play and soon he got a boner, which she found funny! She also liked rolling his balls around between her fingers, and she regularly comes to our house to play with him now! I think all sisters should be allowed to play with their brothers! It's so much fun!

Posted by shj323shj on 2017-05-29 14:18:20

Yeah i play with my brothers bits too! Im 15 and he is 13. The first time i saw it was when i was 11 and he was 9 and i accidentally walked in on him when he was changing in his bedroom. Since then i have regularly seen it and played with it. Once i made him lay down on his back on my bed and i slowly striped him naked. He was still in his school uniform (as was i) and i unbuttoned his shirt and took it off and then unzipped his trousers and pulled them down and then started playing with his $%!@ through his boxers. He got a boner and then i pulled them down. It was funny the way his $%!@ bounced around when i pulled his boxers over it and then it bobbed around a little bit! I play with his balls too! I roll them around gently between my fingers and tickle them! Yesterday i sneaked into the bathroom when he was in the shower and acted all surprised and then got into the shower with him and played with his stuff! He was semi-erect when i got in but quickly became fully erect. He loves it when i play with his stuff!

Posted by 2004kh on 2017-05-29 16:16:51

Haha kj937, sounds like you have lots of fun with your brother! The best thing to do though would be to be able to play with his $%!@ and balls as well as hurt them when needs be! Know that your brothers balls can cause him great pleasure but also great pain! Just give them a light tap and he'll be in pain!

I regularly play with my brothers $%!@! I love it when he gets hard and I've made him come before! I roll his balls around between my fingers like you do, as well as tickling them sometimes! But I also hurt him using his balls sometimes! I've brought my knee smashing up into his balls before as well as kicking them, punching them and slapping them! Once I had him naked and was playing with his $%!@ and one minute I was rolling his balls around between my fingers, and the next I brought my knee smashing into his balls! He howled in pain and fell to the floor clutching his balls and moaning in pain!

What makes it even funnier, is that he doesn't know whether I'm going to play with his $%!@ and balls or hurt them, so he'll never stop me! Such good fun and all sisters really should do this to their brothers haha

Posted by Lukeyboy214 on 2017-06-05 18:30:28

Yeah my sister does that to me too! I'm 14 and she's 12 nearly 13 and she regularly plays with my sausage as well as my nuts. She loves making me get a boner and then loves feeling how hard my sausage gets! She feels it up and down and is really fascinated by it! When she was younger she called it a sausage, because she said that's what it looked like! She also likes to kiss my sausage when I'm hard and she always giggles when she does that! She also gives me blow jobs sometimes too which she loves and she says my sausage feels really nice in her mouth and she likes the taste of my $%!@. On Saturday she brought some of her friends over from school and she made me strip naked and then she showed them my sausage and they all loved it! They loved looking at my sausage as well as touching and feeling it and kissing it! She's having a sleepover next weekend and she told me today that all her girly friends want to see my sausage again!

Posted by Ben_Davis on 2017-06-22 16:54:39

Lukeyboy214, my sister sounds just like yours! I'm 15 and she's 12 and she loves playing with my junk! She loves teasing me so I get a boner and she also likes making me lay on my back, sometimes on her bed and sometimes on mine, and she'll continue to tease me as she slowly strips me! She likes touching, stroking and kissing my di*k and she likes it when I $%!@ for her too! She sometimes gives me blow jobs too and says she likes the feel of my di*k in my mouth!

She's brought some of her friends over before and they've all enjoyed stripping me naked and playing with my junk. Some of the girls started playing with my balls! They were tickling them and rolling them around between her fingers! This weekend just got she had a sleep over, and it was really hot where we live, and at about half past ten at night, they all came into my bedroom and started touching my junk through my boxers and they giggled as I got a boner (they saw the bulge). They then pulled my boxers down and giggled at the sight of my di*k. Some of the girls had never seen a boy's private parts before, so they were looking and gasping and whispering "wow" under their breaths! One of the girls was fascinated by my di*k, she was saying just the size and feel of it fascinated her! She'd never seen one before!

My sister is going to have another sleepover with her girly friends soon, and she told me all her friends want to see my junk again! Lukeyboy, how was the sleepover your sister had a few weeks ago?!