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Sisters beating brothers balls?

Posted by Cazza0534 on 2017-04-07 15:53:14

Hi! I'm a 14 year old boy and I have two sisters, one older (16) and one younger (12). They always hit me in the balls! They kick my balls a lot, but they also love punching them, kneeing them, squeezing them, standing and stomping on them and generally playing with them! Sometimes they do it for fun, and sometimes they do it to punish me! My little sister is the worst! Sometimes she comes into the bathroom when I am showering and squeezes my poor balls! Once they both came into my bedroom when I was sleeping and woke me up by squeezing and tugging on my balls!

A few of my friends at school say their sisters do similar things to them too! It must be fun for girls to have a pair of balls around to beat up, knowing that boys can't get them back in the same way!

Posted by Hannah02 on 2017-04-08 14:34:46

Haha i do that to my two brothers all the time! I have one older and one younger and they both know i can beat them up just by using their balls! What i love doing the most to them is making them strip and then slap their balls! I love the way they sway back and forwards! Sometimes they get boners too, and then i slap those and make them bounce all over the place! So cute! Once when i was a little bit younger, i managed to cycle into my big brothers nuts! He was lying on the ground and i made him spread his legs and then i rammed into them with the front wheel! Such good fun!

Posted by Shannon023 on 2017-04-08 20:54:22

Yeah I do that sort of thing to my brother all the time too! I kick his balls a lot, but I also like kneeing them and smacking them with objects! I also really like flicking them too!

I've smacked his balls with wooden spoons, rules, ping-pong paddles and even a tennis racket! It's great fun and it causes him a lot of pain! Sometimes I make him take his trousers and boxers off, and then I flick both his balls separately with my fingers. I normally aim for his ball and not the bag around it! He always moans and groans about it, which just adds to the amusement!

Sometimes I smack his $%!@ too, and I make him get hard and then smack it really hard, either with my hand or with a ruler or wooden spoon!

I have actually been bored before and have just past a good hour or so by smacking, kicking and kneeing my brother's balls! Haha such good fun!

Posted by ChloeSpen2 on 2017-04-10 16:13:56

Haha you know what, i do that to my brother too! He is older than i am and i always hit him in the balls! I kick them a lot but i also like punching them, kneeing them and i really like standing on them! Its just so much fun when he falls to the floor moaning in pain and gets pwned by a girl younger than him! My friends know what i get up to with him, and we have games sometimes to see who can make him fall the quickest or who can hurt his balls the most! Such good fun! A few of my friends at school do it to their brothers, and we do it to some of the boys at school too, so yeh, it is fun for us to have a pair of balls around to abuse!

Posted by Lewis938 on 2017-04-12 15:25:32

Yeah my big sister does that sort of thing to me too! She basically controls me by using my balls against me! If she wants me to do something for her, and I refuse or take too long, she'll punch or kick me in the balls. Once I had the remote control for the TV and she wanted it, but I wouldn't give it to her, so she grabbed my balls and started squeezing until I gave up my fight.

Another time, she wanted me to buy something for her, and when I kept saying no, she just kicked me really hard in the nuts in front of loads of people in the shopping centre and then laughed!

Sometimes though, she does seem to hit me in the balls just for fun. Like she'll just punch my balls and then laugh as I fall to the floor, or she'll try and kick me in the balls four or five times in a row, just to see how many she can get in before I collapse in pain! She kicks me in the balls with high heels on sometimes too, and once she walked over my balls wit them too! That was really painful!