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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by SavannaCabana on 2016-09-23 21:59:47

It is a good thing sophia is not my mom and mad woman my sister haha because even though my mom and sisters have smacked my balls around plenty of times (and still do), i feel like my nutsack would constantly be sore if i was related to you two although i have to admit it would be interesting to see what ways you would've hurt my balls.

I actually do have a girlfriend who i have been recently finding out likes to kick guys balls. She didn't seem like the type at first but I started to realize how much she laughed every time a guy on a tv show or a movie got nailed in the crotch.

Then these "crotch shots" started to happen to me by her. The first time was when we were playing pool and i was stupidly standing close behind her and she pulled the pool stick back to hit the cue ball but the back end of the stick hit me right in the nuts of course causing her to laugh. We had to pause the game for a bit because i was still trying to get off the ground from the pain in my balls.

From then on she started hitting me in the wrong spot on purpose although she acted like it was on accident. Like we were watching a scary movie and one scene made her jump and she brought her hand back real fast and straight on smacked my balls. She just laughed and said sorry and she got me good too because i was only wearing tight briefs which were practically hugging my ballsack with very little protection at all.

This continued when we were messing around one day and lightly throwing tennis balls at each other just for fun and then she said "wait, pause, hold on" so i just stood there with nothing but my tight briefs on and suddenly she fired the tennis ball that was in her hand and made direct contact with my balls and a loud smack noise. I instantly went down and she went to the ground too but because she was laughing so hard.

Lately I have been finding it kind of exciting to be naked around her and one time i got out of the shower but did not wrap a towel around me and she was by the sink. Well i lifted my right leg up on the counter in the bathroom which wasn't too high because i was obviously able to get my foot up there. But anyway i did that because i had a cut on my leg and was just checking it out. I almost fell and had to hop on my leg a little bit in order to regain balance and that was when i noticed her looking at me, well actually my balls not me. And i said "what?" and she said "nothing" and i could tell she was trying to hold in a smile. So i went back to checking my cut with my foot still on the counter and suddenly before i could react her barefoot kicked me straight in my naked balls. After awhile of her laughing and me cupping my balls naked on the ground. She said "sorry i couldn't help it, you put your leg up and your balls were just hanging there in the open and then you started to jump a little and they were just swinging back and forth i couldn't help it." I am always a little scared to be naked around her now even though i thought it would be exciting because i fell like shes gonna hit my nuts.

Just the other day i walked by her naked and she laughed and said "i don't know how you can walk around with those things just dangling around between your legs." This was kind of embarrassing because she doesn't know what it is like since she doesn't have balls or anything just hanging between her legs dangerously.

So this leads me to ask, are girls more likely to hit a guy in the balls if she can see them or if he is naked more than if she couldn't see them? Like for example, any time i wear my tight briefs or am naked around my sisters, mom, or girlfriend. I feel so much more vulnerable with my balls just hanging out there and that they can see them. Like my girlfriend always laughs at my balls dangling when i am naked and seems more likely to kick them than if i was wearing shorts or pants and just says "sorry i couldn't help it, they were just hanging there." So again my question is, are girls more likely to kick a guy in the balls if she can she them (tight briefs, naked, etc.) than if she can't see them (pants, shorts, etc.)?

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-25 18:28:37

Lol you would love to have me as your mother! I can confirm that my son's nutsack is most likely constantly sore, but I find it so amusing it doesn't matter!!

Sounds like your girlfriend has lots of fun with your balls as well then! Your balls must be sore all the time, seeing as your mum, girlfriend and two sisters whack them around so much!

I think girls will hit a boys' genitals if they can see them, and if they can't! When I was young, I used to hit boys in the nuts all the time whatever they were wearing. I'd hit them with their school trousers on, shorts, jeans, trackie trousers, boxers, or when they were naked. Growing up with two brothers, I got to hit their naked balls a lot! I find it fun to hit a boy in the balls when he has trousers of some sort on, because it adds to the fun that you can hurt him without even seeing the target!!

I hit my son in the balls all the time, regardless of whether he has clothes on or not! I have hit his naked balls several times in the past, and it's just so fun! As I've said to Mad Woman, I shave his pubes off regularly to keep him clean and shiny down there, so it's easier to squeeze his naked balls every now and then!

My son went to his friends house on Friday evening and she had three or four of her friends over as well, and they all had fun with his balls and willy apparently!

SavannaCabana, has anyone else ever hit your balls, or played with them? Friends, aunt, cousin?

Posted by LucyG123 on 2016-09-25 18:40:41

I am the friend of Sophia's son, and on Friday evening, I had him and four of my girl friends over at my house, and we all had fun with his balls! Sophia, thanks for teaching me about his balls, I taught the rest of my friends and they all found it very fun!

We kicked him, kneed him and punched him many times, and we made him strip naked and then we kicked his naked balls three times each, so 12 kicks in total! We also made him get a boner, and watch hit flap around as we kicked, punched and kneed his naked balls!

We then tried squeezing his balls, and I showed the girls how to squeeze his balls really hard, and get the best results! I dug my finger nails into the balls, which made him cry! I also pulled down on his balls, and almost tried to pull them off!

We then went to the bathroom and we smashed the shower head into his balls a few times, and then crushed his balls in the shower door! I stood in the shower, while my three friends stood on the other side of the shower, they then held his hands behind his back and I shut the doors on his balls! I think we really caused him so pain, but it was such good fun!

We then moved over to the toilet, and rested his balls on the rim of the toilet, then dropped the toilet seat down onto his balls. My friend Amy then stood on the toilet seat with his balls underneath! He was crying a lot, but I knew testicles could take a lot of abuse before popping!

I think his balls still work, maybe I'll try in school tomorrow! ;-)

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-25 18:53:30

Wow Lucy, sounds like you had lots of fun with his balls on Friday night then! How did he get home? Did you have to carry him lol.

Crushing his balls in the shower cubical door and under the toilet seat sounds like lots and lots of fun, and is something I don't think I would have thought of otherwise! I might have to try it on my brother before too long!

How will you find out if his balls still work?

I went into my brother's bedroom first thing this morning, at about half past eight, and he was just awake, but not very much at all! I then pulled the blankets off him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I then pulled his boxer shorts down, grabbed his willy and started giving him a $%!@! Needless to say, he enjoyed the experience, and when he started $%!@, I grabbed his balls and started squeezing really hard. I told him I was going to squeeze every last drip of $%!@ his balls could produce for me! I don't think he enjoyed that part of it quite as much though!!

Posted by LucyG123 on 2016-09-26 18:27:03

Oh we had lots of fun the other night! He couldn't make it home on Friday night because he said his balls were in so much pain, so he ended up staying the night at my house. I had a little play with his privates to try and make him feel better, which seemed to work a bit!

I asked him this morning if his balls still worked, and he said 'just about'. We're really close and as much as I enjoyed hurting his nuts the other night, I don't want to hurt him too much, so I don't know if we'll have another night like that ever again or what.