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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-18 18:48:26

Yes I had such good fun today, and I know this girl will experiment with my son's balls a little bit more, because she told me she knew a lot more about them now, and she still wants to find out a bit more! I'm sure she will tell all her girly friends in school tomorrow, and no doubt they will want to at least see my son's bits, and probably have a little play with them too! I'm proud!

Oh it's funny watching a hard willy flap around like that!!

I'd heard about squeezing a boys' willy really hard and he'll $%!@, but I didn't know it was true before today! I think you have to squeeze really really hard to make it happen, but it's such good fun when it does happen!

Oooohhh, sounds like you had fun with your brother the other day in the shower then! I bet you liked seeing him fall to the floor just because you were pinching his nuts! It's good fun though!! If you pinch one of his balls dead on, it's not just really painful for him, but it can sometimes pop his nuts!

Sounds like you had lots of fun with your brother this morning, and a good way to wake him up, especially if he just sleeps in his boxers!

Have you ever played with something called Icy Hot or Bengay? I had some Icy Hot in the cupboard, this was a while ago, and I made my son get naked, laid him down on his bed and tied his arms and legs to the bed. I then rubbed the Icy Hot all over his balls, and all the way along his hard willy! It was really good fun (and good fun feeling his privates), and it was funny because when the pain kicked in, he couldn't do anything because his hands were tied above his head! Great fun!

Posted by SavannaCabana on 2016-09-18 22:35:14

When my youngest sister was about 9 or 10 which would mean i was 15 or 16, she started finding interests in boys privates. Anytime she found something or saw something that looked even the slightest like a wiener, she would do something with it. Like if she had a sausage, banana, cucumber, or bat she would put it in front of her crotch and swing it around and laugh. I think she was really beginning to learn all about privates at that time because she would even tap me on the back while she put a hand down her pants and stuck a finger out and say "look im gonna poke you with my boner." Eventually she started to shove golf balls and tennis balls in her pants and purposefully run into things with her crotch and act like she was in pain that her "balls" got hit. My other sister who was either 13 or 14 at the time thought it was funny and joined in. Like i remember she would walk around with a sock that had two tennis balls in it between her legs laughing and my youngest sister would grab, squeeze, punch, kick, and even hit the sack with a bat. My sister holding the sock between her legs would mock the pain and say "Oh no please dont hurt my ballsack just because it swings around in the open it's not fair" and they would just laugh and looked at me and said "ok your turn" luckily they were not too serious because they didnt actually hit me in the balls...at least not right at that moment.

But continuing on with my youngest sister, since she was doing these things acting like she had a boner or hit in the balls she started to find interest in real ones. And by real i mean mine, and by mine, i mean she started to randomly try to feel my crotch area any time she got the chance. If i walked by her in the house she would reach her hand out and get a good feel in, or another time we were watching tv and she just reached over and grabbed a handful of balls for a second. She always just laughed and would always say what she felt like "its so soft and squishy" or "felt your weenie but it wasn't hard" or "felt both your balls that time." She even did it in front of my mom who didn't care and just said "a girl her age is going to be curious and your the only set around."

My sister really took it a step further for a girl her age when she came in my room in the middle of the night once and said she can't sleep. I let her in my bed with me and was about to fall back asleep when i started to feel a little hand fondling my wiener and balls and since all i wore to bed was thin athletic shorts, she was getting a good feel of everything. I was going to stop her but then was curious to she how far she would go so i acted like i was still asleep and started to feel her hand make its way up the inside of my shorts and she began to play with my stuff thinking i was asleep. I was shocked but it kinda felt good so i still acted like i was asleep. I got a boner and i heard her giggle while she touched it. I didn't explode though because she did not know how to make me do that yet but i did feel her grab a rather strong grip on my ballsack suddenly. She squeezed my balls really hard and i couldn't help but "wake up" she laughed and ran out of my room and my balls hurt so it took me awhile to fall back asleep.

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-22 20:44:58

Haha sounds like both your sisters have had fun with your nuts over the years then, and it especially sounds like your little sister enjoyed finding out about them, especially your boner, when she got into bed with you!!

I got into bed one day with my brother, I would have been 11 or 12, so he would have been 12 or 13, and he was only wearing his boxers. I felt around his crotch through his boxers, and then I pulled them down to his knees and felt around. He quickly got a boner, and I touched it and stroked it. It was good fun!

Do you have any girly friends who have played with your nuts, or hit them before? Have your sisters, or mum, hit your nuts recently?!

Sophia, have you heard from the girl who you taught about a boys' nuts yet? I bet she's got something planned...!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-23 17:35:14

Hmm yeah sounds like your little sister has had lots of fun exploring your balls, and playing with your boner!!

Mad Woman, sounds like you had fun playing with your brother's bits a few years ago first thing in the morning!!

Yes my son has gone over to the girls' house after school today, because her parents are out all evening for their anniversary or something, and she's invited some of her friends over to have some fun with his bits! I don't know exactly what she's got planned, but I'm sure I'll find out before long!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-23 18:48:03

Oooh yeah sounds like the girls are going to have lots of fun with your son's bits this evening. Hopefully they'll all get to play around and experience what it's like to hurt him using his privates!

Take a look at this photograph > http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/I+wish+if+this+was+two+teenage+boys+doing+this_6c8a68_4091894.jpg. It's true though, if it was two teenage boys doing it to a little girl they'd have been charged by now!! I wonder what the girls made of it, and if they got any further than just grabbing his package!

Have you ever done anything like this?

When we got home from school this afternoon, I made my brother come into my bedroom! He was still wearing his PE kit as he had it last lesson! So he had a loose fitting t-shirt and shorts on! I started feeling around his crotch through his shorts, and very quickly he got a boner! It was good fun and I recorded some of it!