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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-15 21:02:21

Sounds like a lot of girls have had fun with your bits over the years then lol! Does anyone else hit your balls regularly, school friends (male or female), girlfriend, aunt?

My mum doesn't hit my brother in the balls very often, but she knows I do it to him regularly, and she hasn't ever said anything to be about it, so she's obviously leaving it to me! I love it!

At school today, I teamed up with one of my girly friends, and we managed to get two of our boy friends to come down to the very back of the back field with us at lunchtime, and we just kicked, punched, kneed and squeezed their balls! It was such good fun, just watching the boys squirm around and pull funny faces, just because of their precious balls!

Sophia, no I didn't get any photos of his willy with the school tie on it sadly! I'll have to try again soon and get some!

However, when I got home from school this afternoon, I told my brother I wanted to "play with him", and he knew exactly what that meant, so he came straight into my bedroom without even a second thought! I told him to take off his shirt, which he did! I then unzipped his trousers and pushed them to the ground, and then I lightly kneed his balls, before pulling his boxers down to his ankles. I then had a little play with his willy, which got hard pretty quickly. I then kneed his balls, kicked his balls, squeezed his balls and rammed a deodorant canister into them! It was good fun! I then pulled his boxers back up, but unbuttoned them at the front and pulled his willy out! I then pulled his trousers up, did the slide thing up, and then pulled his willy out through his zipper, and then tried to trap his willy in the zip! I succeed this time round, and caught the very tip of it in the zipper! He howled in pain, but I quickly unzipped it and freed his willy. He then fell onto my bed moaning in pain. I left him there for a good 20 minutes or so! It was really good fun!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-15 21:24:01

Well Man Woman, I'm very pleased you've finally been able to do that to your brother's willy, and I'm pleased you had lots of fun doing it! Do you think you'll do it again?

When my son got him from school this afternoon, I had a friend around, and I made him strip naked in front of her, and we each had a little play with his willy and balls! I let my friend slip the ring around my son's willy, which she found very fun, and I let her grab his balls and lead him around the house, which she also found very fun! I then held my son's arms behind his back, as she used his balls as a punching bag (with the odd occasional squeeze too!) it was good fun!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-17 17:10:28

Well today has been a pretty fun day! My mum's sister came to visit, and she has two young children, a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old girl. We were upstairs in my bedroom because it was raining, and we were playing a game which involved us all being on the floor. I accidentally kneed my brother's balls while I was moving around the floor, and he yelled and grabbed his nuts! My cousins both asked what was wrong with him, and I said "Boys have a special area between their legs which hurt when they get hit". My 2 year old girl cousin asked 'why', and I said "Because boys are weak". The two girls then started giggling and asked how I knew about this "special area". I told them that I'd hit my brother there loads of times over the last few years, and I'd seen it 'thousands' of times. They then asked if they could see it, and hit like their 'big cousin'. I looked at my brother, smiled and said "Yeah sure". I told my brother to lay down on his back, which he did, although he sighed deeply beforehand. I then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. I then told the girls to try and work out where his "special area" was. They felt around between his legs, and my 2 year old cousin said she felt something. She started punching it and my brother moaned. I then pulled his boxers down and explained what it was, and how to hurt it. I showed them how I hurt it, and the two little girls laughed a lot! I then made my brother stand up, and my 2 year old cousin grabbed his balls and started squeezing! My brother moaned in pain and his knees quickly began to buckle! It was so fun watching my brother getting owned by a 2 year old!! I told the two girls that a boys' balls are very sensitive! I then laid my brother down on my bed and showed the girls how to hurt a boys' balls, and they both had a little feel and a little play. Both girls punched, grabbed and squeezed his balls and my 5 year old cousin even jabbed a pen into his balls! It was great fun teaching these girls how sensitive a boys' balls were, and great watching my brother getting owned by girls 10-13 years younger than him!!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-18 15:18:30

Wow, it sounds like you had a lot of fun yesterday with your brother and little cousins then! And I bet they had a lot of fun learning about a boys' private parts!

It's funny how sensitive their balls are though, and even a 2 year old can bring them down to their knees with their balls in their hands!

I've had a lot of fun today! I knew my son was friends with a girl at school, so I told him to bring her over, so he arranged it all with her on Facebook, and, let's just say, I taught her a thing or two! I made my son get completely naked, and then I walked her through his private parts. I picked his willy up in my hand, which was soft at the time, and said "This is his willy. He pees through the tip here, and it's also where he $%!@ from". I then picked up his balls and said "These are his balls, there hold the $%!@. If you hit them, even lightly, it really really hurts boys, but is really good fun for us girls".

I then asked her if she wanted to experiment with my son's willy and balls. She smiled and said "Yes please" in an excited voice. I got my son's willy ring out of the draw and showed it to her. I told her that if you put it around his willy, and push it down to the base, it keeps him hard and pushes his balls down. I let her put the ring over his willy, which she found very good fun! She then took his balls in her hand and started squeezing. My son was moaning in pain, and she started moving his balls around in her hand, and twisting his balls around!

She then started pocking around at his balls, and watching how they flapped around when you touch them. By this stage, his willy was rock hard! I then said I'd show her how to kick his balls.

I made my son spread his legs, and I showed her how to get a good kick, right into his balls. It was good fun to watch, especially as my son's naked willy and balls flapped around all over the place! I then told the girl to have a girl to have a go kicking his balls. She had a hard kick, and really hit his balls hard! It was good fun!

She then asked what would happen if she squeezed his willy. I told her that I'd heard, if you squeeze it hard enough, you'll make him $%!@. Her eyes lit up, and she looked at me with a dirty grin, and asked if we could try it out! I said "sure", and he got my son to stand up, with his legs spread, and I grabbed his willy. I then started squeezing as hard as I could, but nothing happened. The girl then grabbed his willy, a little rougher than I had, and started squeezing really hard, and after a little while, some $%!@ did emerge from the tip of his willy! We were both laughing, but my son was crying!!

I then wanted to show her what it was like to pinch a boys' balls. Again, we made my son stand in front of us with his legs spread. I then wrapped my fingers around his balls, just by the base where they join his body, just underneath his willy. Then, with my thumb and index finger, I pinched down on his right ball. He howled in pain and started crying and saying it was "so painful". I then let the girl try it out, and she too had a good pinch, and really pinched down hard on his balls! She found it lots of fun too!

It was really, really good fun teaching this girl, who is a similar age to my son, how sensitive a boy's balls are, and showing her different techniques to hurt them! I'm sure she'll continue practising on my son in the coming weeks and months! I told her she should come over more often to hurt them, as I do it all the time!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-18 18:27:43

Oh wow, Sophia, that sounds like such good fun, and I'm pleased you managed to teach one of your son's friends how to hurt his boy parts! As you say, I'm sure she will continue practising a few things on your son, and I'm sure she will tell all her girly friends what she learnt, and then they will want to experiment with him! Great job!

Yes it's so funny to watch their balls flap around like that, and sometimes if their willy is hard, that flaps around too!!

I never knew that if you squeezed a boys willy hard enough they'd $%!@! That is so funny! I'll have to try that on my brother soon and see if it works! I'm sure she had lots of fun hurting her friend's nuts, and making him $%!@ by squeezing his willy!!

Pinching a boys' balls is good fun too, I've tried it on my brother so many times over the years! Just recently, my brother was in the shower, and I was feeling curious, so I got into the shower with him, and I did exactly what you and the girl did to your son today, I got my fingers around his balls, and pinched down on them hard! It was such good fun, and I made him fall to his knees just by pinching his nuts!!

This morning was pretty fun! My brother normally sleeps in just his boxers, so this morning, I was awake before he was, so I sneaked into his bedroom, pulled the blankets off him, grabbed his balls and started squeezing! He soon woke up, and looked really confused as to why his nuts were hurting! It was so funny! I continued squeezing really hard, and then I pulled his boxers down, grabbed them again, but squeezed and twisted them, and then I pulled down on them and tried to pull them off! It was such good fun!