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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by SavannaCabana on 2016-09-12 20:11:02

Your girls' stories remind me so much of my little sisters, especially the older one but the youngest has become more involved recently. Anyway I'm 18 but i have a younger sister who is 16 and another who is 12. Since we were so close in age growing up, it didn't take long for me and my sister (16) to become curious and learn about each others bodies. Most girls become interested in the wiener part of a boys dangling parts but for some reason throughout the years she been more interested in my balls. I can get deeper into past stories another time but for now ill just tell of the most recent one. I am in college currently although not far from home so i visit every couple weekends but over the past summer my mom who is 43 but she looks like she is in her 30s was off from work. She is more of the athletic type mom so she is pretty fit and has nice toned legs and likes to wear athletic wear. Anyway so since she was off she decided to take me and my to sisters to the beach. The beach we ended up going to was pretty secluded so it was nice.

After a while my 16 year old sister thought it would be funny to grab handfuls of sand and shove it down my athletic shorts. I had just gotten out of the water so i was of course wet so i guess she thought it was a good time to shove sand down my pants because the sand stuck to my wiener and balls. I put my hands down my pants to try and rub the sand off and she came up to me and said let me help as she forcefully pulled down my shorts. I wasnt wearing underwear since we were just swimming and suddenly she started smacking my balls saying she was "trying to get the sand off." My mom and my other sister especially started laughing hysterically.

I tried to run to the water where it would be easier to clean my balls off but i was already in pain and tripped over my shorts at my ankles to try and get to the water. Well since my sister was already grabbing me and right close to me as i fell i started to fall backwards and she fell on top of me with her knee slamming right into my nuts. It hurt so bad but i do remember feeling and seeing her soft boobs squish against my chest. She said "whoops i didnt plan on hurting your balls like that" as she continued laughing. I just stayed on the ground since i was in so much pain and she decided to rub my balls pretty hard though to where she was like shaking them and my wiener to get the sand off. It hurt since she was flapping my stuff around so much but i was already in too much pain to move. i started to get hard from all the shaking and touching and she just laughed and said "you boys just cant control yourselves" as she got up and walked away to my mom and other sister while my boner was just sticking up in the air. Luckily no one else was around at the time or saw.

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-13 19:55:25

Wow that sounds pretty cool, and sounds like something I'd do with my brother if I had half the chance! I did do it recently but at night, as during the day, especially during the summer, the beach nearest to us gets so busy, and I don't know of any secluded areas of it!

Is there any chance you can tell us some more stories about your sisters and your balls?! Does your mum ever get involved too?

Just this evening after school, when my brother and me got home, I made him go into his bedroom and lay on his bed, and then I took his shirt off, and then pulled his trousers and boxers down and played around with his stuff! I tied his school tie around his willy, which was already hard by this point, but he seemed to enjoy it, and of course, I hit his balls a few times!!

Posted by SavannaCabana on 2016-09-14 17:24:26

There have been so many times I have gotten my balls busted by them or around them. My youngest sister not so much because she has always been too little but my mom and sister that is just 2 years younger than me got me soooo many times and still do when Im home.

It all kinda started with my mom when i was about 10 or 11 because she started to hit my balls often probably because i began to get an attitude at that age. She was in her 30s at the time and like i said, more of the fit and athletic type mom. She has medium to large sized $%!@ i dont know what bra size and really toned legs and butt. Im not trying to say im attracted to her because that would be very weird but i have to admit she was and still is not bad looking at all for a mom her age.

Anyway she started to make threats like "watch what you say because look where my foot is" as she was sitting where her foot was right below my crotch or she would say "remember i used to spank your butt with this wooden spoon dont make me use it on your bean bag" and stuff like that. Eventually any time i didnt do what she said or said no to her she smack my balls with her hand really fast and it would really hurt because around home i usually just free-ball which means i would just wear athletic shorts and nothin underneath so my balls would just dangle freely especially on hot days with practically no protection so the smacks from her hand to my ballsack put me on the ground instantly.

I always like to free-ball because the wind feels good on my stuff but i can always feel my balls smacking my thighs from swinging side to side when i walked. And jumping and running was and is always a dangerous game without support of a guys balls.

My mom from then on just always used my balls to get what she wanted. For homework, chores, being mean to my sisters, she would smack, punch, and grab my balls. She even said once "I don't get why you dont wear underwear under these shorts because you make it so easy for all of us girls in the house to hurt you with your balls dangling around so exposed and vulnerable." She made a good point but i was just so used to it and i remember a few times she would even reach her hand down the front of my shorts and grab my bare naked balls and squeeze and drag me to the ground. One time i was slightly bent over writing on a piece of paper and for some reason my mom just chose to reach her and down the back of my shorts and grab my balls from behind and under my butt. She grab and pulled me a little bit and i instantly dropped the pencil in my hand and was on my toes. She let go and as i was bent over from the pain in my nuts she barefoot kick my balls from behind and said "oooooh i felt them squish on that one." Lets just say i was down for awhile and my nuts hurt really bad.

My sister was about 10 at the time she started to see my mom do these things and i think since she was at an age of curiosity about the male body she started to find great fun and laughter with my mom from then on in kicking my balls.

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-14 21:26:05

Woah, it sounds like your sisters and your mum have lots of fun with your balls! Does your little sister never hit your balls or anything? Have your mum and sister ever hit your balls together, as punishment maybe?

I quite often make my son get naked, and then I slip a ring around his willy, which keeps it hard for longer, which makes it easier to squeeze his balls! I do this a lot! But I do sometimes reach my hand down his pants, especially when he is wearing loose fitting trousers or shorts!

I quite often squish my son's balls! I'll just move them around in my hand and give them a little squeeze, or dig my finger nails into them, and it's great fun to feel them squish!! Once I stomped on his balls, he just had his boxers on, and I was barefoot, and I felt his balls squish into the floor, I thought I'd popped them, but they live on, and have been kicked, punched, kneed and squeezed lots of times since!

Do you have anymore stories about your sisters and mom hitting your balls? Does anyone else hit your balls? Cousin maybe?

Mad Woman, pleased you had some fun with your brother's bits after school yesterday, and pleased you managed to have some fun with his hard willy! Did you take some photos of his school tie on his willy?!

Posted by SavannaCabana on 2016-09-15 04:14:50

Ive never gottwn hit in the balls by my cousins because i dont see them that often but growing up i did have a girl neighbor who was the same age as me and i had a few experiences with her too. I guess since i was the only pair of balls available in the house and even in my neighborhood, i was going to end up on the ground holding my balls eventually.

My youngest sister has always been too young to really hit me there and wasnt not around too often when stuff would happen, but since she is 12 now that has started to change especially just this past summer. I was getting out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist as i was walking to my room and i passed my sisters room and thought she is old enough she probably knows what a wiener is and balls so i thought it would be funny to flash her. Well she was by her door and as i walked by i turned so my back was facing her and bent over and dropped my towel. I wiggled my butt at her while bending over which of course resulted in my thingy and balls dangling back and forth. She let out a little gasp and said ew and next thing i knew her barefoot made direct contact with my ballsack. I was shocked because i didnt know she would instantly think to just kick a guys bare naked balls

She started laughing and said "thats what happens when you wiggle your balls at girls." I was still recovering when she was finished with her shower and walked by and just said "man, im glad i dont have nuts" then giggled and continued to her room. It sucks just knowing my sisters can hurt me so easily and i cant get back at them in the same way since they dont have stuff exposed between their legs

I think my youngest sister has started to catch on from seeing all the times my now 16 year old sister and mom have hit me in the balls and im sure she'll hit me there somehow when i visit on some weekends.

With my neighbor when we were really little she first saw me naked when i went pee and she asked if she could watch. I pulled my pants all the way down still at that age and she asked about my balls and said "does that hold your pee" i didnt know at the time so i just said yeah. A few years later it was dark out on a summer night and me and her went swimming while my mom was watching us. We thought it would be fun to jump in the pool naked and my mom didnt care, plus is was so dark we couldnt really see each others parts unless we were right next to each other.

So we stripped naked and we ran to the pool and jumped in at the same time. Suddenly on contact with water i felt a terrible pain in my balls. She got out right away and said "cmon cmon lets do it again" but i was just trying to stay above water with one hand while my other was cupping my nuts. Eventually she knew something was wrong and my mom came over to help me out of the pool and kind of giggled because she knew what happened. My neighbor didnt understand so my mom had to explain to her about my balls and that they can be hurt very easily.

It was embarrasing laying there holding my balls while my mom told another girl my age about a problem only boys have and they dont. I learned that night to be very careful next time i jumped in a pool with my legs apart and naked balls hanging freely.