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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-11 18:18:21

No I didn't manage to on Friday night as my son had football practise at school for their game on Monday night. I haven't had chance this weekend either as we've been busy with other family!

Hmmm, sounds like you had lots of fun trying to trap your brothers willy in his trousers a few years ago then! As I said, I think you should try it again, as you've got more experience now, and his willy will be bigger, which will make it easier to trap!!

Yes it sounds like you had lots of fun with your cousins today then! What did you and your female cousin do to them today? I hope you had lots of fun, and I hope you managed to see inside their pants as well?!

Do you ever hit some of your male friends at school in the balls? When I was at school, there was a boy who I was friends with, and my and one of my girly friends persuaded him to come into the toilets with us one day, and we pulled his trousers and boxers down and played with his willy and his balls, and also had a go at hurting them, which was really really good fun!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-12 15:56:17

Well it's a shame you didn't manage to do anything with your son over the weekend then! will you do it during the week to him, do you think?!

Yes it was fun trying to trap my brother's willy in his school trousers that time, and I might well ask again in the next few days, but I don't know what I'd do if I did actually trap his willy in the zipper?

My girl cousin and me kicked the boys in the balls several times, as well as punching them, kneeing them and I even stomped on my older cousin's balls once too on the trampoline! It was such good fun! The boys were playing football on the grass area in our back garden, and we decided to join as well, so it was me and my oldest cousin, my brother, youngest cousin and girl cousin on the other team. My girl cousin and I were just playing dirty, and when either of us had the football, we were just aiming it at the boys' nuts! Once my younger cousin pushed me over, and I kicked him in the balls really hard! He just laid there moaning for about five minutes!

I didn't get to see inside their pants but I have before! I will have to try again next time around!

Yeah I'm friends with a few boys at school, and I have hurt their balls a few times before. Once when I was in year 8, I was in food tech with one of my boy school friends, and I had a wet towel we were using to wash the bowls and stuff up, and I flicked it right into his balls! He howled in pain and fell to the floor! Nonetheless, I got a right bollocking from the teacher afterwards!

Another time, I persuaded one of my friends to come down to the back field with my and some of my girly friends, and I had a pound coin and a two pound coin. We made the boy lay down on the grass, and I put the money on his crotch, and told the girls it was a race to see who could get it first! I accidentally on purpose punched him in the balls, so he rolled onto his side and the money rolled off! I then unzipped his trousers and put the money just inside his trousers, and then we had to try and get his trousers undone and get the money! He got a boner quite quickly, and I grabbed it and yanked it real quick!

What do you think about this question > https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20160912083913AAAqpeQ?

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-12 18:08:41

Yeah I expect it could be quite painful for a boy to get his willy trapped in the zipper on his trousers! Would be funny to watch though! Try it and then you'll find out!

Sounds like you had lots of fun aiming for your brother's and cousin's balls over the weekend then! Did you girl cousin enjoy it as much as you?!

Wow sounds like you've had some fun with the boys at your school then! The putting the money on his crotch and then making the girls try and get it sounds like so much fun, and I hope enjoyed being able to yank on his willy too!! Is there anything else you've done with the boys at school?!

That question is so cool! It sounds like a great thing for the girls to do to their brothers when they are stressed! Just pay them to do everything to their balls and you'll feel so much better! Would you ever do anything like that to your brother?

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-12 18:38:59

Yeah my girl cousin enjoyed this weekend as much as I did! Once we'd gone over to their house to visit them, and my girl cousin and I got the three boys into her room, and I pulled my older cousins shorts and boxers down, and we both played with his willy and balls! We then did this to the younger cousin, and to my brother! It was such good fun, and I've been meaning to try and get a peek inside their pants ever since!

Yeah it was good fun with the boy and the money! He had light blue boxer shorts on as well! As soon as I saw the bulge in his pants, I just grabbed it and gave it a quick yank! He howled, but it was such good fun! Another time, the same boy, had his P.E kit on because he had double P.E or something, but he had put his hands down the front of his shorts, and when I asked why he said he was "keeping his hands warm". My friend and I then took him down to the end of the field, and pulled his shorts and boxers down and had a play around with his bits! They were warm and I could tell they would have been fun to touch! Again, he got hard very quickly after we pulled his pants down, and we both yanked on his willy, as well as stroking it!! It was good fun!

At school today, one of my other boy friends was in Maths with me, and I was teasing him by putting my hand on his balls, or stroking his nuts every now and then! I gave them the odd occasional squeeze too! Then when the lesson was over, I took him to the girls toilets in a part of the school I knew no one would go into during lunch break, and I got him into a cubical, and I unzipped his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles. I then kneed his balls a few times with his boxers on! I then pulled his boxers down and beat his balls up, as well as playing with his willy! It was such good fun and he knows I like a boys' bits! He's one of my best friends!

Yeah I think I probably would do something like that to my brother, but I might offer him a little more than £50!! I think the only problem though, is that I already hit him in the balls so often for fun, that I probably would want to hit them to relieve stress, but it would help me!! Would you do it to your son?

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-12 18:56:37

Wow it sounds like you've had lots of fun with the boys at your school then! Did he like having his willy yanked? As long as you rewarded him afterwards or something?! Hmmm!! I like the way you had your hand on his nuts and occasionally squeezed them! That sounds really good fun! It's always good when your really good friends allow you to do something like that! Do you regularly get to play with his bits? As long as you don't lose the love you've got for your brother's bits!!

I think I might well do something like that to my son yeah! I know most of the comments on that question were telling him not to do it, but I think it would have been a great idea, and I'm sure it was the best way for his sister to relieve some of her stress! I certainly love hurting my son's bits!!

My son is sat on the sofa next to me this evening, and he's completely naked and he's got the ring on around his willy! His willy is as stiff as I think it's possible for a boy's willy to be! I keep teasing him, as well as hurting his balls every now and then! I just love it! I've taken some photos which I'll send over to you tomorrow!