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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-08 20:37:49

Yes I bet you had lots and lots of fun with your son's willy in the ring!! Have you done it since Sunday?

Pleased you squeezed his balls to wake him up when he was late for school on Monday! Does he sleep naked, or in boxers?

My brother normally sleeps in just his boxers, sometimes he wears PJ trousers during the winter, and sometimes I sneak into his bedroom at night while he is sleeping, and pull his boxers down and have a little play with his willy and balls! It's such good fun!

One of my school girl friends came to my house after school today, and my brother had P.E as his last lesson of the day, so he came home still in his P.E kit (polo shirt and shorts), and when we got home, my friend and I teamed up and squeezed and kicked his balls, as his shorts were really thin, and gave very little protection! It was such good fun!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-08 20:48:42

Yes I put the ring around my son's willy tonight for my entertainment! Once he got home from school, I made him strip naked, and then I slipped it over his willy, and he's been very hard ever since! He had to do some homework, which I made him do downstairs, in front of me, naked, and with his hard willy showing! I've also been teasing him again, by stroking his willy, and moving the ring around to make him think I'm taking it off, and then I'll put it back in the original position and flick his willy, or squeeze it!

My son normally sleeps in just his boxers, so it's very easy to squeeze his balls to wake him up! It's great fun watching his reactions when he's waking up and trying to work out why his precious little balls hurt so much!!

Pleased you had some more fun with your brother's balls tonight with one of your friends, and pleased to hear you took advantage of your brother's very thin P.E shorts!!

I'm thinking about making my son get naked again once he gets home from school tomorrow evening, slipping the ring on around his willy, and then playing with a hair scrunchy and some hair clip things, and putting them on his balls! I might even be able to get one of the hair clips on the tip of his willy, which would be really fun for me to watch! I'll let you know tomorrow!! Do you want me to take some more photos?

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-08 21:05:37

Wow, it sounds like you've had lots of fun with your son, and his willy, this evening then!! I bet you love being able to slip the ring over his willy and watch his get hard! And I bet you love teasing him, and making him get really hard! It does sound like you have loads of fun with his little friend!

Yeah it sounds like you are going to have lots of fun with him tomorrow too!! I'd make him strip naked as soon as he came through the door, then slip the ring over his willy, and then play with the hair clips and that, and see what happens afterwards! Do you think a hair clip would fit over the tip of his willy? I know the tip is very sensitive, which is why it's so fun to play with!

I remember once I made my brother get his willy out of his pants, I was probably 8 or 9 at the time, and he would have been 10 or 11, and I wrapped one of my soft hair bands around his willy, and stroked the tip of it with it, and he was laughing because it was so sensitive!

Another time, again we would have been a similar age, if not slightly older because I think my brother had just started secondary school, I had some of my friends over, and we'd just started learning about a boy's bits, and I made my brother get his willy out of his pants, and we all had a play, and then we made him strip naked and sit in front of us for a while, and we all had a go playing with his willy and balls, and we tried to make him stay hard for as long as possible, and as soon as his willy started to get soft again, one of us would stroke it and make him hard again! It was such good fun!

I've also slipped my hand down his pants several times in the past, either when I've been sat next to him, or walking with him or in our garden or whatever, and either had a quick play with his willy, or squeezed his balls! It's really good fun, and I remember once trying to trap his willy in his zipper on his school trousers, but I kept missing and our mum came upstairs so we had to stop!

Yes please do take some photos of what you and your son get up to tomorrow, it would be so fun to see!!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-09 07:00:51

Oh I love doing it to him, and I just love what his willy looks like when he's got the ring around it, and it's keeping him so hard! It's awesome!

I think a hair clip could well fit over the tip of his willy, if you fiddle about enough! I'm still planning what to do, but I think I'll make him strip naked as soon as he comes in, then slip the ring over his willy, and then have a play around and tease him a lot! It's such good fun!

You should buy a ring to slip over your brother's willy, and then you'd be able to have as much fun as I do with my son!

Wow, sounds like you've had lots of fun playing with your brother's privates over the years then! What did you friends make of it all when you made him strip naked, and they got to play with his willy?!

Why were you trying to trap his willy in his school trousers? Maybe now you should try again, as you've probably got more experience now, and his willy will be bigger, which will make it easier to trap!

Did your brother have his boxers on underneath his school trousers, or was he naked underneath? I've never tried trapping my son's willy in his trousers...

There was one time I had one of my ex-school friends over for a coffee and catch up, and I made my son get naked, and we both had a little play with his willy, and he soon got hard! We then "played" with his balls (you know what I mean by that!). It was really good fun!

Is there anything else you did with your brother's privates when you were younger?

I will take some photos of what we get up to tonight and said them over to you!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-11 16:06:33

Hope you had some fun with him on Friday night?!

My friends loved it when I made my brother strip naked and we all got to play with his bits, and they were laughing about what his willy looked like, and how it was getting harder and harder every second!

Well, I had just started learning about a boy's bits, and obviously, I was turning to my brother the most for my experiments, and he taught me a fair bit about his private parts. We came home from school that day, and I wanted to learn a little more about them, so he pulled his trousers and boxers down and let me have a little play around. After a short while, he pulled his boxers back up, but I undid the button on them and pulled his willy out, and then I pulled his trousers up, did the slide thing up at the top, and then tried to do the zipper up, and trap his willy in it, but kept missing, and then our mum came up and we had to stop!!

Well, I also once tried trapping my brother's balls in the shower cubical doorway. I'd got into the shower with him to have a little play and feel of his balls, and I kneed them and he doubled over, and then tried to trap them in the doorway, but my brother said it would be too painful so I didn't! I squeezed them instead though!

Today our cousins came around, which were two boys (13 and 14) and a girl (11), and us two girls and had several games with the boys, and the private parts! We played with them on the trampoline in our back garden, in my bedroom, and in the garden! It was such fun, and it was really fun having another girl with me to have some fun with a boy's balls!!